Symbian Anna for Nokia N8 leaked before the release

The official announcement for the Symbian Anna (PR 2) roll-out for earlier Symbian^3 devices had already been made and consumers with the same devices have been waiting for the update for very long.

Just before the official release, which was dated for the update PR2 to reach all devices till the end of August, the update has been leaked (only for Nokia N8). If you want to be among the early birds, you can find the download links of the leaked firmware after the break.

UPDATE: Symbian Anna has been officially rolled out for Nokia N8, E7, C7 and C6-01. Read More

The administrator of Symbian Modders Forum posted a thread with the screens of leaked Symbian Anna on Nokia N8 along with the links to the firmware.


@N8ws tweeted about some changes in the firmware after experiencing the same leaked update along with some screen which came across to see. Have a look down.


You are going to need manually flash your Nokia N8 with this leaked firmware. You might want to read a tutorial for flashing your Nokia N8. Use the firmware files from this post while using the tutorial we posted earlier.

Warning: We do not recommend you flash your mobile yourself because this is not officially recommended. It may void warranty. You even may do it probably wrong if you haven’t done it any time before. In any case you brick your mobile, you will be responsible for that.


Download links

Mirror 1 – Mediafire link

Mirror 2 – Dropbox link

Mirror 3 – Custom Firmware by ivo777



[via Symbian Modders]

[early reported via My Nokia Blog]

[thanks @N8ws]

  • Ross

    Funnily enough I had been waiting for a free day to reflash my N8 when I found out about this leaked Anna firmware, naturally I tried it and I think I’m gonna stick with it until the official release is available for my Vodafone AU N8.
    Only drawback for me……. no YouTube app for censored China, I’ll have to settle for the browser instead.
    Other than that, nice update Nokia, it wasn’t overly necessary to have such an update (despite what the trolls say) but I’m thankful none the less.

  • Took the plunge and had a go to see what it’s like. Overall I’m glad I did, the portrait keyboard alone made it worth it for me. 

    It’s definitely a lot snappier, my games folder used to take around 10 seconds to open, it now opens almost straight away. It’s just feels more fluid in general.

    The browser is certainly an improvement but really needs text reflow. Bubbles seems to integrate better as well with none of the occasional flash of the home screen on pushing the menu button.

    If you’re comfortable with device flashing and don’t mind voiding your warranty, there’s a chance you’ll have to manually flash all future updates, then I’d say it’s worth it.

    • Ysd

      dont flash your phone with anna os because after upgrading to anna you cannot roll back your N8 to Older Version…If you try to do, your phone will be dead.

  • Guys,…? if you wanna have a nice Anna, then check this out:

  • Anonymous

    now thats the outlook

  • …and although it’s September and they released it, there are some n8s with product codes that will not allow you to update. shame on you, nokia!

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  • Any news on the new Belle release date? Because I’m really tired of this Anna OS

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