Leaked: Symbian Belle 111.030.0609 for Nokia N8 [CFW, Hacked]

A long lasted chain of the leaks of Symbian Belle versions for Nokia N8 continues with another version 111.030.0609. Previously leaked version 111.030.0607 was pretty successful for most of the users to get their hands on it because all of the required firmware files were added into the images. Here is another leaked version 111.030.609 of Symbian Belle for Nokia N8. This is a hacked and moded custom firmware which is not original stock firmware.


Modded By Taylor www.smartphonepro.hu


-New Nokia Widget Pack!

-Credit: All Symbian modder!

-Origina Nokia N8 Belle RC!!!!!!!!!!
-Special Pro Edition theme By AttisX: AXTHEMES My my order. Not be modified, extended!

-Nokia N8 RC Belle 111.030.0609
-Installserver rom hack.
-Languange pack HUN-EN.
-Delete default wallpaper.
-Effect by: andrenlsbr
-Browser cache: E
-Boot and log out: E:\\Anim\\startup.mp3, E:\\Anim\\startup.gif, E:\\Anim\\shutdown.gif, E:\\Anim\\shutdown.mp3
-Clear HS. Max 10db hs.
-All apps exit.
-Photo qualiti 95%
-Video 30 fps.
-Video macro auto focus
-Logs improved
-Theme effect enabled.
-RDS: Nokia N8
-Fota delete.
-Galeria mod.
-Message, clock, log, calendar removed from startup to save RAM
-Music player search: Music.
-Browser download resumed.
-Nokia welcome and sms disabled.
-Ui optimalized and fast.
-Java premission mod
-Free effect change: C:\resource\effects No c2z patch!!!! Delete C auto read Z original! C-Z effects change auto!

-Clear UDA
-Full widgets!
-C: 241MB
-Rotation fast.
-Kinetic roll original.
-Tactile fedback.
-Dictaphone 12H, 256 kbps
-Landscape screensawer.
-Music player screensaver
-All app rename
-USB OTG improved
-System sounds modded. The winner Nokia Remix!

Original Nokia Boot and sound:

-Deleted files and restart:

All files copy: “C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-596”

Download Stuff:

For more information about instructions visit sources here and here.

DISCLAIMER: This is the custom firmware with hacked Installserver, so it shouldn’t be treated as official or stock firmware. And may have severe influence on your devices. In addition we [at Tech Prolonged] did not try this version and not having a plan to do so. So we won’t guarantee about anything related to this firmware release. If anything causes damage to your device that will be your own responsibility.

If I plan to try this firmware sooner or later I’ll tell my experience via twitter feed @khurramar


[source 1, source 2, via]

  • Suyog

    Why you are not planning to try this? I thought you used to try all firwares always

    • KA

      well am not sure…. I won’t do that :P
      actually try to avoid the hassle of taking the things back on the phone…. but will do if find time 

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  • Cristiandmf

    Store and Nokia Maps, Doesnt Work

  • Chaupele

    I have realized you have removed some applications, including ovi store, maps, etc. Now the Belle is working but I can install these apps and I need them. Is there any work around for this? Thanks

    • Chaupele

      Ok, I managed to install store and maps and others. What I did is, I soft reset the device, deleting everything, then re installed again belle through phoenix as explained above, then I copied the folder ‘Nokia_N8_Pro_Edition_RC_V2_Deleted_Apps’ into mass memory (E) and started installing files from there. Thanks alot. Its beautiful

  • Dimi1000

    I have run in to a problem here. After doing all the required actions and pressing refurbish, it askes me to disconect the phone and press power button for 8 seconds till it vibrates 3 times and then i conect the phone and click OK, here comes the problem. After I reconect the phone it powers UP by itself only to charging mode and the windows auto play pops up asking me to open the phone memory as a removable devise, is this even supposed to happen? then after a while i get “failed to set phone to flash mode” and flashing progress bar hasn’t moved at all. Am i doing something wrong here ?

  • Ben Stevens

    This worked a treat for me. Flash only took 10 mins.

    Make sure you install the app with the 1 in front first or nothing else will install.

  • no firmwares found 
    “C:Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProductsRM-596″ … :/ .. s i’v already downloaded all the required belle firmwares,,,, ani1 help me out plz…. 

    • sorry,, my bad :P … the video was up there,, didnt noticed that,,, 

    •  hi, could u please tell where u downloaded the required belle firmwares from???
      I really need to get them.

      • its given up there ,,all links,, :) ,,,  its awesome ,, but i think u dont need to,, coz its already available on phone,,, so jus check ur updater on ur phone n do the rest,,,  hav fun with the new OS :D 

  • just hacked,,, its aweome.. :D ..but made my fone very…very slow.. :( 

  • Civic_kidz

    Pls help how to hack nokia n8 Firmware symbian belle 111.030.0609 using the Norton and rompatcher system i just install it did not working.