Flashplayer for Nokia N9 – Firefox Plugin now available at Store


Previously official Firefox for MeeGo was released and was available to download on Nokia N9. If you remember there was also a promise left for flash support in later weeks. Well the promise has been fulfilled and “Flashplayer” is now available at Store.

Note: it’s required to get “Firefox” installed on your Nokia N9 prior to install this “Flashplayer”. Yes! this will only work with Firefox browser.

You probably will note that “Flashplayer” app has been published by “Nokia” and not by “Adobe”. That is because Adobe officially has stopped Flashplayer development for mobile devices and manufacturers have got the responsibility to develop it for their products if they are interested.




You can download Flashplayer from Nokia Store via in-device store app. The store link is given in the source below.

[source Nokia Store]