Enable Cortana in Pakistan or in any country outside the US


In April, this year Windows Phone 8.1 announcement brought the news of Cortana, a personal assistant for Windows Phone (like the Siri in iPhone). At first it was only available to US and later expanded covering a few more countries over the globe but still Pakistan is not yet supported. Likewise many other are not yet supported for this feature.

Here we have a way to let Cortana run in Pakistan as well as in any region you belong to. Just follow below.

enable Cortana in your device running Windows Phone 8.1
  • Go to “Settings” app and tap “Language”.
  • Add the language “English (United States)” if it’s not present in the list. Make sure to “Move it to top of the list”.
  • Long press the entry “English (United States)” and tap “Region options”
  • In Region settings: Choose country as “United States” and go back to language screen
  • Long press the entry “English (United States)” and tap “Speech options”
  • In Speech screen: Choose speech language as “English (United States)”

That’s it. Only a restart is required now. Do it and have Cortana running on your Windows Phone.

Try it and explore it and let us know about your experience with Cortana in the comments below as we really found her interesting.

  • Abbasi Abbasid

    Thanks Khurrum. It really did worked :)

    • Faizan Rasool

      how u instal cortana

      • kacho

        im kacho. cortana is a windows phone buittin apps. you don,t need to download it. see menu off your apps. and tap on cortana. and dont waiste your time to download cortana
        on android mobile

        • Ehsan

          hey, I have Windoes Phone, Lumia 630, Windows 8.1, and followd the above steps, but it didn’t work? how to do make it work?

  • Faizan Rasool

    i did it but its not working buz i have not instaled cortana how to instal cortana

    • KA

      Cortana is not an app to install separately. it comes with Windows Phone 8.1. If you Windows Phone is running on up to date version of Windows Phone software, you should follow the steps above…

      • bee

        but language is not supported

        :( she says sorry i don’t know your language

    • kacho

      cortana is a windows phone builttin app dont waist your time to download from any url.

  • Jawwad

    I did it but its not working properly … it shows sorry “the internet and i aren’t connect”
    and the sometimes “sorry i can’t connect at the moment” … now what should i do for enable cortana ??

  • Janbaz

    Does the cortana works offline?? ofcoz many of feature will definetly require connectivity, but some features like adding an entry to callender or so?

  • Janbaz

    also if anyone using sygic on lumia here. or the here Drive app

  • Ameer Awan

    I have done it all as stated, but cortana is not appearing in my app list

  • Ali

    Cortana appeared and even worked though!but unfortunately the windows store and other microsoft services stopped working !!!! Help needed?

  • Usman

    I have entry level Windows Phone Lumia 430, Cortana worked on it! Thanks for this useful info

  • Khizar

    Thnx bro, helped me alot