[Giveaway] OPPO Neo 5s – We are giving a free smartphone to a lucky reader

Here we have a FREE OPPO Neo 5s to giveaway to a lucky one of our readers. But this is the time to get involved to have your chance of winning this exclusive device from Tech Prolonged and OPPO Pakistan.


We have this device for review and the unboxing session of OPPO Neo 5s has already been done.

But this time it’s even more interesting! It’s a Giveaway!

We do have it for review but once the review is done and published, the device “OPPO Neo 5s” will be given away to a lucky one of our readers, chosen by the listed criteria after the break. All you have to do is get involved and spread the word out.

OPPO Neo 5s is worth Rs. 19,990/-

More the entries you complete,

More the chances you get to win.

This Giveaway is only for Pakistani readers and once completed the device will be shipped only within Pakistan. So make sure you reside in the country.

We ask for apology from global readers for now as this giveaway is from OPPO Pakistan. Although you can participate if you want to ship this device to your fellow in Pakistan, provided that you win.

Here you GO!

This giveaway has ended on
June 15th, 2015 12:00 AM Pakistan Standard Time.
Winner will be announced here before June 16th.

Winner has been announced!

Complete the entries below to win.

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  5. Tell us in the comments section below, “how curiously, you want or need this phone ?
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DEADLINE: The giveaway will end on 15th of June, 2015 12:00 AM. No entry will be counted after that time. The winner will be announced next day of the deadline.

Terms & Conditions:

  • It’s mandatory, that you follow the instructions in the giveaway entries very carefully.
  • This giveaway “OPPO Neo 5s” has five (5) entries which you may or may not complete. For example if an entry asks you to visit the Facebook fan page, you have to make sure to do that and click on the button provided to complete the entry. Otherwise your entry will be voided.
  • Each of the 5 entries has equal points and completing each entry increases your chance of winning accordingly. More the entries you complete, more the chances you get to win.
  • A winner will be chosen randomly once the deadline meets. However, Tech Prolonged has the right to disqualify a winner if in the process of reviewing, his/her entries are found not to comply with the required actions.
  • Once selected, he/she will be announced as a winner here within 24 hours once the giveaway time span ends.
  • Most importantly, this giveaway is only for Pakistan.

Criteria: Selection of the winner

The five entries above have equal points. Once the deadline meets, we’ll join all the participants from all of the entries and randomly choose one entry. That means, if you have completed all 5 entries, you will have 5 chances to be randomly selected. Simple as that!

Warning! Once again! make sure you submit the entry after following the step as described, otherwise your entry will be voided. e.g. for entry no. 5, if you submit your email address without commenting below, that entry will be wasted.

  • Atif Munir

    Nice mobil ha…oppo phone looking smart phone..i like it.

  • Memoon

    I want this phone. Please give me that.

  • Memoon

    I have also liked your page and everything.

  • Ahsaan

    Mera number kab aye ga

  • Not the first, but I am one of the firsts here. Hope to win this :)

  • Maroof Saeed

    Hmmmm i have already this phone

  • Hamid Mehmood

    i really wish to try the awsomeness of OPPO mobile.i havnot had the chance to get my hands on any oppo phone yet but i have been in love with oppo ever since i saw its super awsome N1 model with rotating cam.i really wish that i win this phone and hav a chance to try OPPO

  • Ammar Asif

    I have a Huawei G525 with just 5 Megapixel back camera and I am not satisfied with the smartphone as I want to have a smartphone with an amazing back and front camera! Moreover,my phone is not that trendy and I want a new smartphone to meet my needs :)

  • Abrar

    I need it because I really like oppo and cant purchase it because there phones are so expensive.. If I won then I will gift this to my father.

  • TaLha Khan

    I recently bought Microsoft Lumia and Once i saw OPPO Smartphone, I fell in love with it and i regret buying Lumia . Now my parents won’t let me buy Oppo smartphone because i just purchased Lumia recently and my parents cannot afford another phone rightnow. I wish that i will be the lucky winner of this awesome looking smartphone cause i cannot wait anylonger to get my hands on OPPO smartphones!

  • Farrukh Ali

    I want OPPO Neo 5s becoz one of my friend just bought one of OPPO handset and after listening his reviews (on daily basis :p) I’m also too curious to get gets hand on OPPO smartphone :D

  • rabia

    I bought qmob i12 and it worked only 6 months..i wasted my money on that handset… now i dont have any cell i really need oppo..i already loved oppo n1 mini but its too expensive for me to buy.

  • Almas Mustaqeem

    I badly want this phone because the tablet I am using for completing my entries and commenting here given me the hardest time, its been off after submitted every entry so I may say its been restarted five times and not even charging properly, always getting off! :( I m actually in need of this OPPO phone frankly to get make my life easier. :D Its a voice of my heart so I wrote my exact situation right now.

  • Waheed Loudin

    I am curious to use OPPO smart phone, and I actually need a smartphone because the phone that I used is broken down. Being an android developer I would be grateful to OPPO Pakistan If I am chosen for this beautiful smartphone.

  • MK Khowaja

    I really like and wish to try this model of OPPO Neo 5s. when i saw this on my frnd hand then i also wish in my heart that one day i used these oppo Smartphones. its depends on luck to win this Awesome mobile.

  • Saad Durrani

    I would love to have the OPPO Neo 5S because I have previously used big-name brands from China like Huawei, Lenovo, etc. I only have not used OPPO. I would see how the experience is with OPPO as they seem top-of-the-line.

  • Atif Mehmood Bangash

    I love oppo phones and the innovative ideas they introduce. It will be an enjoyable experience and it might compel me to stick with oppo for rest of my life

  • Ali

    I am curious to use OPPO smart phone.I love oppo phones and the innovative ideas they introduce.Thats why i want this phone .I am a true OPPO lover…

  • talha Zahid

    I liked this oppo and wish to win

  • Mustafa Butt

    I like to experience OPPO mobile technology. Want use it for selfie, dubmash and other social media apps.

  • Syed Saad Ali

    Great Device Feels sturdy , very elegant design fairly lightweight , fantastic selfie camera Excellent work Oppo <3 :)
    i want to capture beautiful memories with Oppo. badly need one of it..!

  • Saddam Dilawar Khan

    I really need this smartphone Oppo Neo 5s. I am doctor and constantly use apps like Smart Pharmaguide, also I read my Pathology and Pharmacology books on my smartphone. Moreover, I really like to take photos whenever I am travleeing or hanging out with friends.
    Currently, I am using a Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo Dual SIM and would really like to have Oppo Neo 5s as my 1st Oppo smartphone.

  • Zeerak Ansari

    I haven’t used a oppo phone up till now and I am excited that I might get a chance to experience it.

  • Mujahid Islam

    Very strange doctrine of nature those who deserve for nothing, Astonishingly they posses everything as compared to rightful one. Working hard from the kick-start day so big wish in life to win stunning smart phone & utilize it for education purpose and raising basic problems of oppressed and poverty-stricken segment through networking on the spot without any slow pace.

  • Essam Gulzar

    The phone looks good to me and haven’t tried this phone yet so this would be an opportunity to become a part of oppo family . Also i really needed a 4g lte supported phone.

  • Syed Dawood Wajih

    I like oppo smartphones because of their sleek & stylish looks more over its rotating camera is just superb for selfies. Thats why i love oppo smartphones. Big wish to win :)

  • Osama Afzal

    I really want this phone and become a part of the growing Oppo family ..The phone is awesome in all respects and is 4g LTE enabled which makes it faster and its slick design will make me stand out in public. Its good memory and RAM will make life easier for me and for once I will have an easier time loading apps. Heard so much positive reviews about its camera results and would love to take high res pics during my vacations abroad. Fingers crossed . inshallah I will be the lucky one .

  • Jamila Kausar

    I really wan have this mobile. I have not used Oppo before. I wanna experience it. I have heard its good mobile. Wanna see it my self. Its specifications and features etc.

  • Qadir Khan Afridi

    I cant tell you how much am dreaming of this phone this phone is the combination of all you need the best combo with best features double camera with awesome results mostly other phone have not that much great front camera result but oppo 5s totally with complete all respect ..4G LITE which makes browers download using app fastest as we want and design of oppo 5s tremendous lovely which will show my personality .. simple in words am in love with and I need it desperately to use it and make life easier with oppo neo 5s which is not possible without it.
    hoping for it in-sha-Allah I might be a lucky one

  • Wasim Yousaf

    I like to experience OPPO mobile technology.

  • Waqar Dar

    me oppo e lyna ay

  • Murtaza

    I’ve been fortunate and used almost all of the Android phones. What that means is I’ve been able to test features for myself, rather than going on the words of other writers. I also can say I paid for every single device I used, and all of them were brand new.After using all of these phones,now i want to use OPPO & want to know about it

  • wajahat atiq

    I need this smartphone because I dont have any smartphone But I ve used the smartphones of my relatives But I dont have My own Smartphone because I cant afford it I promise that I dont have any smartphone and I need this oppo smartphone because its soo stylish and camera having so huge pixels =D

  • Mohsin Saeed

    I want this phone because I want to use it… :p

  • Immad Uddin Khan

    Samsung, Lenovo, Microsoft, Motorola, Haier, LG…I am still looking for that one smartphone brand which will make me stop and wonder: Is this the chosen one?? I hope I get the answer after this giveaway!! *fingers crossed*

  • Khawer Sandhu

    I really Like Oppo Quality and Elegance … its my dream to have this mobile.

  • Khurram Chaudhary

    I know i am the winner of this phone :D

  • M Abdullah Chohan

    As a matter of fact, i am finding a better Smart phone these days as it become my need too .I think It would be a great experience with OPPO smartphone !

  • Hasan Shafiq

    It ll be cool to try something new like oppo. i do like trying out different phone and you could say i am sort of a geek when it comes to phones and tweaking with roms and all.

  • Farkhanda Imran

    I desperately want this phone because i am fed up with my old phone problems….I have to connect with my friends & Family to all over the world , That’s why i need an advance technology which provide me the best quality &services without any interruption … & i know Oppo Neo 5s meets the criteria…. Biggest wish to win… :)

  • aamir

    i have no any Smartphone for making beautiful moments of my life. So it is my big wish to get this phone. I can noy buy becasue of I am poor. hope to win best of luck.

  • Shazana Tariq

    I want to Experience OPPO Technology
    I want to try this smart phone.
    Bec I have bad experience other phon companies.
    I have heared Oppo Technology is Amazing and Affordable and Have unique Design and super original Camera
    so give me plz :-)

  • Kaleem Ullah Khan

    winning such a wonderful device is honor for me :)

  • Farah Yaqoob Sheikh

    i’m longing for oppo since its launch in Pakistan and i’m already in love with the phone <3 i deserve this

  • Afsana Prasla

    oh wow i just cant explain in words how much i am curiously wanted to get this super amazing phone in my hand :) i just wanted to experience super amazing technology which OPPO phone :) it gives unique design and superb specifications and amazing camera quality i am a huge fan of OPPO phones and its my Dear to have this phone i just hope and wish to win :)

  • Talha Zahid

    i really like oppo is one of the best smartphone oppo the best the best oppo

  • Kafeel Azam

    Heard lot about OPPO and I’m quite curios about their products and their Quality

  • arub

    i want to test that is it good the same way as it is described

  • struggling to find a good smartphone used many but all have some problems heard very positive about oppo their performance and i see camera result of some oppo devices i must i am amazed how well oppo capture the image its like DSLR quality image thats why i hope i win oppo Neo 5s to get better smartphone in my life fingercross :)

  • zarina sarwar

    I really like oppo smartphone,Oppo is the best
    Superb technology with oppo smart phones keep it up for more best…….

  • I like this smartphone.

  • Eshaal Liaquat

    I want OPPO Neo 5s so CURIOUSLY because It will be my first smartphone experience .. Oppo quality is best so I want this phone :)

  • Hira Abdullah

    because have heard about oppo phones from alot of sources and i well know company as for the neo 5s its tha class apart i’ve saved its picture in my gallery its so pleasant to eyes when you look at such classic beauty!! so curios on how will it look in my hands i can’t wait to get my hands on Neo 5s!! Good luck to the participants!! my biggest wish to win!!

  • feroz
  • Muhammad Talha

    Its really amazing mobile if i win this mobile i will be lucky, i love to use OPPO mobile. The OPPO Mobiles managed to make a lot of waves due mainly to the great build quality, good specs, and innovative camera features.
    OPPO Mobiles have following Features:
    + Gorgeous display
    + Fast charging thanks to Oppo’s VOOC charging
    + Exceptional performance
    + Great build quality
    + Attractive LED notification

  • dania raees

    Its really awsome! I lost my cellphone too and i want this sooo badly :( plz let me win this,I have no smartphone :'(
    Hope to win!

  • Ammar

    I want OPPO because it’s the top mobile company in CHINA and i dont have an smartphone yet so it will be a dream come true if i get one from OPPO. Smartphone will be really helpful for my study purpose too :) #OPPO #FingerCrossed

  • Jaffer Didar Slatch

    I want OPPO it is quite unique, attractive, hi-tech, extra ordinary fast, user friendly, and so far seems to No.1 in all brands

  • Amna Sami

    I desperately need this phone because I am fed up with my old phone which is 2010 model, it’s android software is very initial so that I am unable to download the newest apps, it’s so slow & I have to wait so long after opening a single application. Its battery backup is only 2 hours without the continuously usage. I would like to win this brilliant OPPO smartphone which will fulfill my all needs because I can’t buy one on my own.

  • Asif Sadiq

    i like to use oppo because build quality and camera are great and better than other international brandz.


    already using oppo joy..one of the best phone i ever had…

  • taimur idrees

    I really need this phone, Because I have to save my PDf files in a smartphone and also I want to enjoy 4G LTE. I have a old android phone it has poor camera.

  • Bilal Tariq

    Oppo is one the best phones in the market right now. And i’d like to get one to use through this free giveaway. I hope to win it. :)

  • Nomi

    I am late or still can win this?

  • Waheed Loudin

    disliked oppo fanpage….. unfollowed oppo on twitter. oppo sucks!!!