[How to] Update Infinix Hot Note X551 to Lollipop 5.1, Official final build with XUI


Infinix Mobility has released the final build of Android 5.1 Lollipop for Infinix Hot Note and Hot Note Pro. An update via OTA for consumers is due but the build is available to public over its forums.

Check our review of Infinix Hot Note with stock ROM KitKat 4.4.2 as the phone comes with. The latest Android 5.1 comes with company’s own XUI flavor which looks most like AOSP. If you are a Hot Note owner and can’t wait for an OTA update but if you are so keen to have this build on your handset, this tutorial will help you get your hands on Android Lollipop on your Hot Note at earliest. Follow the tutorial after the break.

Disclaimer: This tutorial includes flashing Android smartphone with a firmware ROM. If not followed correctly, it may lead you with a bricked device. By whatever means, following our mobile flashing guides, you are the sole-responsible if any damages or faults happen to your device or devices during or after the flashing process.

Update 20-12-2015: Build 20151218 with XUI 1.N.1.1
Update 21-11-2015:
Build 20151120 with XUI 1.N.0.6
Update 07-11-2015: Build 20151106 with XUI 1.N.0.52

Advice and Required Tools:

Getting Ready

  • You may need to install MT65xx Preloader USB drivers, if you haven’t already, prior to start flashing MediaTek powered phone.
  • Extract firmware file, that you have downloaded for your device above, into a folder.
  • Extract SP Flash Tool, that you have downloaded above.
  • Make sure that your phone is Not Connected to the computer. But keep it near while performing following steps.

Steps to flash firmware:

  1. Run SP Flash Tool as administrator from the folder you extracted in “getting ready” section above. Right click on the flash_tool.exe and choose Run as administrator from context menu. If any warning appears on startup about scatter file not found, ignore it.


sp-flash-tool-screenInitial Screen of SP Flash Tool

  1. Click on the Scatter-loading button on the screen as shown below.

screen-2-cropClick image to enlarge and see full screen

In the Open File dialog, locate and open the firmware folder you extracted in “getting ready section above and select the MT6592_Android_scatter.txt file. MT6592 is the MediaTek chipset in your phone

screen-3-cropClick image to enlarge and see full screen

After loading scatter file, the firmware files will automatically be populated as below.

screen-5Click image to enlarge and see full screen

  1. In this screen, select Firmware Upgrade from the list and then click big Download button. This will reserve your personal data/images after updating. If you don’t want to reserve your data or images on the phone and you want a fresh install of a ROM, use “Download only” instead.

screen-6-cropClick image to enlarge and see full screen

You may need to choose other options like “Download only” or “Format All + Download” in above step but first read this tutorial in full to know when you may need to choose this option. There are consequences to know about.

The tool will be disabled for any more user-inputs. It’s now waiting for the phone connection.

screen-7Click image to enlarge and see full screen

  1. Now is the time, you connect your phone to the computer. Make sure it’s turned off before you connect it. As soon you connect the phone to the computer, the flash tool should detect it instantly and automatically start the flashing process.

If you mistakenly connect the phone without turning it off, you can just turn it off now. Thing to consider is that, the flash tool will only detect the phone and start flashing when it’s turned off.

screen-8Click image to enlarge and see full screen

The flashing progress will be shown in percentage on the screen as above. It will take only a couple of minutes to complete.

Do not disconnect your phone once the flashing process has been started.
If the flash tool didn’t detect your phone, make sure your phone is turned off and is connected correctly. If it is, then you probably need to install drivers correctly as mentioned above in “getting ready” section. Now disconnect your phone, close the SP Flash Tool and follow this guide to install MT65xx Preloader USB drivers correctly. After installing drivers, you can start over with “steps to flash firmware” in this guide again. Don’t worry it’s a common issue.

Once the flashing process completes, it will provide you with the OK message and big Tick icon.

screen-9Click image to enlarge and see full screen

That’s it; at this stage, your phone has been flashed with the latest Android 5.1 Lollipop. You can disconnect the phone and boot it up.

Use the comments section below to give your feedback. I have tried my best to describe in a very layman’s fashion to make you understand every bit of the process. Still if you have any question or facing trouble to use this tutorial, ask below; I’ll sure try to help.

If you have failed with upgrading your X551 to Lollipop even after multiple tries. Try “Download only” option in step 3 above. This will remove all of your personal content/data/images on the phone. You can also try downgrading to previous version with Download Only option.
If you still fail which is not likely, you can perform the same steps above with Format All + Download in step 3 instead. This will most probably successfully flash your device but will leave you with corrupt NVRAM causing trouble with network communications including Invalid IMEI and bad WiFi address and WiFi NVRAM warning etc. Making you sure that if you use Format All + Download to flash ROM, you will not be able to make calls or text. This issue is also fixable but I am currently preparing a tutorial for that. If you are in hurry, you can go ahead and try it on your own or search the web for fixes. Follow the link below to fix this issue. Most of all, I or Tech Prolonged won’t be responsible for any damages this may cause. Do it on your own risk.

Read How to fix Invalid IMEI and WiFi Err 0x10 after Format All + Download

You can see the screens from Infinix Hot Note running Android 5.1 Lollipop with XUI v1.N.0.4.

infinix-hot-note-android-5-lollipop-updated-1infinix-hot-note-android-5-lollipop-09 infinix-hot-note-android-5-lollipop-02 infinix-hot-note-android-5-lollipop-03 infinix-hot-note-android-5-lollipop-04 infinix-hot-note-android-5-lollipop-05 infinix-hot-note-android-5-lollipop-06 infinix-hot-note-android-5-lollipop-07 infinix-hot-note-android-5-lollipop-08 infinix-hot-note-android-5-lollipop-10 infinix-hot-note-android-5-lollipop-11 infinix-hot-note-android-5-lollipop-12 infinix-hot-note-android-5-lollipop-13

  • Wonderfull

    After being failed to flash my hot note for some days, this tutorial worked like a charm. Your drivers installing procedure from the other article was really helpful. Thanks

  • Samlafo Ronaldo Anthony

    I’ve successfully flashed my phone to lollipop 🍭 buh my only concern is my laptop can’t detect my phone after the update

    • Noman

      It’s strange. Try changing the port on your laptop. As well restarting your laptop may also help.

  • Samlafo Ronaldo Anthony

    I’ll be very glad if you could help me out

  • Zulfiqar Khan

    after updating….im unable to boot my phone…..its showing XUI logo screen from last 2 hours…..plz help me if there is any solution…..i’ll be greatfull….thnx

    • Noman

      Sorry to hear that. You can try restarting your phone by long pressing power key. See if it boots up. If not, you can try the process again and make sure that you dont disconnect the phone before the flashing process completes. In fact leave it connected for a few more seconds after you see the OK message on flash completion. More importantly, do it when your phone has much of a charge.

      • Zulfiqar Khan

        ok….i’ll do it one more time….thanks bro

        • Dare

          good pm guys. i av reflashed my phone with the lollipop update, but yet am still stuck at the xui screen display. am really tired of this. pls, i need help. i actually flashed the correct rom (x551 – G808- A1 – L- 20151218 (1gb ram 16gb rom). pls, help me

  • Zulfiqar Khan

    someone help me plzzz

  • I’m stuck at the same boot loader screen which shows XUI logo. Tried the firmware upgrade with both X551-G808-A1-L-20151106 and X551-G808-A1-L-20151023 to no avail. Any help would be much appreciated.

    • Khurram Ali

      It’s mentioned clearly, both ROMs are for different devices. You should try only which one is for your device. You can try again with the correct one

    • Try only which is intended for your phone. Both ROM are for different models of Hot Note with 1GB and 2GB versions. Check and try again

  • Infinix Boy

    Thank you boss. Lollipop is really good on my Hot Note :)

  • Bilal

    Need Help!!!!
    I am stuck at XUI Boot Loader for my Infinix Hot Note Pro 2GB Ram , 16 GB Rom afterr flashing for Lollipop Upgrade 5.1. What should i do now ?

    • Hope you have tried with the correct ROM. The XUI logo screen stays for while for the first time. Please mention for how long did you wait for it?

      • Saftech

        The SP_Flash tool is not recognizing my device (infinix Hot Note) for the upgrade.

        • If your computer detects your phone, then make sure you have correct PreLoader USB VCOM drivers installed on your computer for SP Flash Tool to detect.

          above article explains well how to install the drivers. please read carefully.

    • Dennis Sarfo

      Use Format All + Download Option instead of Firmware Upgrade. That’s
      what i did to be able to get out of the boot screen issue i encountered.
      It works very well.

      • Don’t do that

        Do not recommend using Format All + Download option. After FA+D, You will loose NVRAM and then face issues like Invalid IMEI. You won’t be able to make or receive calls. and such a few more connectivity issues…. Then you will need to fix that all too if you use FA+D option to flash your phone.

  • Yasir

    I am also stuck on the XUI boot screen for over an hour.. I have faced the same error using several build for lollipop since October and now even on this latest 20151121 :(. The tutorial is followed exactly step by step. Please help. Thanks!

    • I am really sorry that you have not been successful. I’ll advise to flash back to stock ROM of KitKat. Download from here https://mega.nz/#!pEZxVDCD!5MF4-4JvWoemL_QYIcELrtcIa_nvo9mXMVRq7UNkpII

      And proceed with the same above steps. Only use this ROM instead of the Lollipop.

      I’ll try to find some time and publish a video demo of the process as well as some more trouble shooting videos.. I believe you won’t need for that and you will get the phone working yourself. Just try the stock KK ROM as suggested and inform me about the update.

  • Muhammad Shahzad

    I Use Format All + Download Option instead of Firmware Upgrade… It works… After update Lollypop, i was face new problem.. My IMEI numbers are gone…. Then i install MTKEngineerMode_v1.1 on my mobile…. After procedure, everything is fine… If anybody needs help, please contact me at +923214746225

  • muhammad mamoon

    For 2 sim mobiles use following codes

    For Phone 1: “AT+EGMR=1,7,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO” (make sure you put a space between AT +EGMR) For Phone 2: “AT+EGMR=1,10,”YOUR NEW IMEI NO”

  • Arslan

    Muhammad noman what is this

  • Arslan

    Muhammad mamoon what is this

  • Arslan

    i flashed my infinix hot note to lollipop build with XUI with the option of “firmware upgrade” but after the update my phone stuck in Xui boot loader screen……..then i again flashed it with the option of “format all & download”
    it worked but i had a new problem it says invalid ..IEMI… then i once again flashed my hot note to kitkat and now it is not detecting my sim cards ……….
    plz plz plz plz
    tell me how to fix it….plz plz

  • Wasim Saifullah

    stuck at the xui boot logo …
    help plz …

    • First boot can take more than 10 minutes. With me once it took more than 20. However if you feel it’s way longer than it’s supposed to be then you can revert back to KitKat https://mega.nz/#!pEZxVDCD!5MF4-4JvWoemL_QYIcELrtcIa_nvo9mXMVRq7UNkpII by performing the same steps as above.

      Then try the very first build of Lollipop linked in this article. build 20151023.

  • big boss 911

    thank you it works for 16GB 1 ram kept it up

  • Muhammad Talha

    thank you so much admin…. it works… stay blesses always

  • Muhammad Talha

    Bro , help me please. I updated my hote note pro 2gb to lolipop but i stuck it on boot window . Then i read your discusion in comments and downloade the file from Mega and downgrade my mobile . But now my mobile is not starting. i long press power button but it’s invain.. Please help . is it serious problem i mean dead ???? pleassssssse help

    • Try following one by one
      1- Press [Volume Up + Power] for a few seconds until you see Infinix logo.
      2- Press [Volume Down + Power] for a few seconds until you feel vibration or see Infinix logo.

      If above won’t work then try below.

      Make your sure your phone is charged enough to start up. Connect through wall charger and see if it charges. (If they battery is completely dead at 0 level, the phone may not show battery charging image on screen until it gets some charge. wait for 5 minutes in this case).. If your phone starts charging, wait for it to get charged at least 50% to avoid more failed flash attempts.

      If your phone is not getting charged via wall charger and you can’t see any activity on the screen even after 15 minutes, then connect it to your computer via the same USB cable. See how does the computer identify the device. If the computer identifies it as the malfunctioned USB device, then your phone is currently in a state where nothing can be done until you remove the battery and insert it again. [THIS CASE] mostly occurs when the FLASH process is interrupted before completion.

  • Med Buddy

    Do i need to root my phone before performing this process?? And also i have been going through the comments saying the phone gets stuck and doeanot proceed from the boot window, has that been resolved??

    • You don’t need to root the phone for this.
      2nd. the issue “phone stuck at boot logo” is related to individuals. some faced it, while others did not. however if continuously face it, you have other way to flash. You should read the article in full.

  • Mudusser Hussain

    I had rooted my Infinix Hot Note 2 (1GB) but I unrooted it for the upgrade. I followed the steps exactly but the SP Flash Tool doesn’t recognize my phone even I turn it off. The drivers are installed correctly (It shows the infinix device in my computer for file-transfer) What should I do?

    • It doesn’t matter if your device was rooted or not. This process completely flash the phone. If SP Flash Tool does not recognize your phone when the phone is turned off, then make sure you have PreLoader drivers installed correctly. http://techprolonged.com/2015/03/install-mediatek-mt65xx-usb-vcom-drivers-for-windows-all/

      • Mudusser Hussain

        I download the correct ROM for for infinix 1GB Cell, followed the procedure to the letter. The flashing completed successfully. But the phone got stuck at boot screen for 3 hours. I tried the flashing again but same. I spent whole night till in 7am when I downgraded it. I’ll try again sometime.. Thanks for the help bro..

  • Dare

    good pm guys. i av reflashed my phone with the lollipop update, but yet am still stuck at the xui screen display. am really tired of this. pls, i need help. i actually flashed the correct rom (x551 – G808- A1 – L- 20151218 (1gb ram 16gb rom). pls, help me

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  • Saad

    For all of you…infinix hot note x551 lollipop update is a nothing but pain in the ass….I have tried XUI and tesla lollipop upgrades and always had to face sim problem, in tesla if you root your mobile your mobile data stops working and sim cards lose signals frequently and after 8 to 9 days Tesla OS do not detect any sim card. In XUI mobile phone does not root, and the stated above problems with IMEI. I am downgrading to its official kitkat version. Now in so much peace.

    • @Saad, I’ve not tried Tesla OS port, hence I can’t talk about that. However IMEI issues are common after you use Format All options while flashing. Sorry I am not going to repeat a thing again and again. This issue has been discussed in the comments various times. This was also advised in the tutorial above, if you read in full. A solution to the problem is already provided. Please read last RED paragraph in the article above. And follow the LINK provided right after that RED paragraph.

  • Farhan Akbari

    I cant boot my hotnote after flashing process complete,what should I do?
    help pls and thx b4.

    • @farhanakbari:disqus, what do you mean by “can’t boot”. Please provide some detail. How did you flash it and what at most on the phone you see when you power on?

      • Farhan Akbari

        Sorry I mean, when xui loading screen,. It takes too long. And after several hours, nothing happens. Stuck in xui loading screen. So I re flash to Kitkat again.
        The b4

        • Farhan Akbari

          Oh my bad, it’s worked bro.thx a lot. False download xD

          • Great! give your feedback after trying it

  • Scan Devo

    Guys Stop scaring People, If you can’t follow simple instructions then consider giving it to an expert to do the upgrade for you.
    Men After reading the comments I was too afraid to try the upgrade.But Now I’ve even done the OTA update
    Thank God it’s all done And I’m really enjoying the Rom expecting that It consumes RAM alot
    Thanks for the Rom

  • Scan Devo

    Guys Stop scaring People, If you can’t follow simple instructions then consider giving it to an expert to do the upgrade for you.
    Men After reading the comments I was too afraid to try the upgrade.But Now I’ve even done the OTA update
    Thank God it’s all done And I’m really enjoying the Rom expecting that It consumes RAM alot
    Thanks for the Rom

  • Mohamed Ȝlewa

    after do all steps the screen stooped on XUI and didnt go next step so what can i do please

  • henry

    thankz for d good work bro, i did 2 of my infinix x551 fones 1 successful bt the other refused to on i mean booth again wat next must i do am urgently in need now pls

  • Syed Najabat Kamal

    My Hot Note X551 stucks at XUI loading screen. I did the flash 2 times with firmware upgrade but nothing happened it keep shows XUI logo screen. Guide me i don’t wanna use FA+D. Thank you.

  • Zaid Hussain Awan

    Thanks Admin,
    First of all i performed firmware upgrade but it didnt work for my hot note X551 and my fone stucked at Xui screen, but then i performed format all and then according to you other tutorial installed IMEI numbers using Media tek tool.

    Thanks again :)

  • Azubuike Ikedionu

    I think flashing the latest version build is causing problems. I did it and my Infinix Hot Note 16+1 refused to boot, it stuck in XUI boot loader the same thing most people are complaining about.

    How I solved it was to download build number X551-G808-A1-L-20151120.rar and flashed to version XUI 1.N.0.6. After that my phone booted in less 10 minutes, I then did 3 OTA updates and now have the latest version XUI 1.N.2.0 with build number X551-G808-A1-L-20160115.

    Thanks for the tutorial

    • Thank you Asubuike for your input.

  • Haron Getui

    I did the X551-G808-A1-L-20150813 upgrade and it was successful but i got an update later on which i downloaded and tried to install but whenever i try to install the update i get a “Unfortunately, System Update has stopped”. With a green “Ok” button.What should i do?Somebody please assist.

    • Syed Najabat Kamal

      go to recovery mode and install your update from there

  • Faissi

    Hello guys I updated my hot note pro to lollypop several times with exactly the same process but screen stuck to xui screen every time so I down graded to KitKat but now I can’t boot my phone it is not even charging or booting. Please guys help required

  • hany kasim

    Plz dont install this soft by that way
    hay guyes :)
    hope you are fine :)
    after i readied most comments of you say that after you made firmware upgrade to lollipop it stuck at XUI page i tried installing it by myself and reached to the same problem so plz dont install it just go to infinix xclub and you will find easy and guaranteed method to install lollipop on your devices.

    • Adeel

      Read and follow correctly. If you failed at some point, Admin has also given the workaround for the noobs like you. Try other method with Format All + Download which will fix your issue but will problem with network. Then you need to follow to recover from network issue.
      Follow the guide correctly as I did and many here also were successful. If you can’t, then just take your phone to customer service or stay away from this kind of tutorials.

      • @Adeel, do not suggest to use Format All + Download at once.
        Other readers; please read carefully before using Format All + Download option or forget this option

  • Ahsan prince

    my infinix cannot open pleas help me i try to update my infinix to lollipop using windows 7

    all thing i do perfestly. now what i do

  • Ahmed Wageh

    after follow all steps, I can’t boot the phone(nothing happen when press power bottom) , and by roll back to old ROM; this attached message appear after connecting phone.
    please advice.

    • The error tells that the files you used do not match the phone. Anyway.
      You can try “without battery” option in SP Flash Tool > Options > Options > Connection > Battery > w/o battery.
      Next you can try to uninstalling mediatek drivers and installing again.
      Make sure you use the ROM meant for your phone.

  • Khawar Mirza

    Thanks for the detailed article.. . For latest version every thing went seamless but cell would not boot and remain stuck on XUI screen even after one hour…I opted for build of 7 Nov 2015 and ,,boom ..it hit the bull…Later on I upgraded to latest firmware through system update..sequentially…

  • Khawar Mirza

    It will be a better idea to start from build 20151106 at the first place instead of latest build as it will resolve the issue of stuck screen.

  • gabriel -pc

    My infinix hot note is 16gb and 2gb ram x551-g808-b1-kk

  • gabriel -pc


  • Shahid

    I have infinix hot note update it to lollipop but it stuck on xui logo please suggest me now what can I do

    • Use “Download Only” option to flash your phone. Please note that it will remove your personal data/images or apps you have installed.

  • Dennis Nkarichia

    how long does it take to boot after flashing the phone?

    • Syed Najabat Kamal

      wait alteast 10 to 15 mins. If not booting, try reflashing the rom.

  • When will Hot Note get Marshmallow update ?

  • OrangeX

    My device doesn’t get detected by pc; and I think the problem is related to the USB port. I just want to know if there’s a way I can get a TWRP-like update I can do from the phone itself in Recovery mode. Thanks

    • If you are not rooted, you can download TCard update and use SD card install via recovery or even from System > Software update > SD Card



  • Trisha M

    Hey, I’m trying to see if there is a way I can upgrade it from XUI 0.2(September 2015) to XUI 6.0 (December 2015)? Apparently I’m stuck on September 2015 and I can’t update even with OTA with System Update and recovery mode update. My Infinix X551 is 16+1. Some help or advice appreciated.
    Oh and I have noticed since I joined lollipop earlier this year, I can’t seem to install some applications from playstore even if I’ve a lot of storage space and a strong wifi connection. Is that a lollipop OS issue? Cuz all the apps I had worked perfectly on Kitkat until Lollipop came along…
    Hope I hear a fast response..

    • If you have the full firmware package of you desired build, you can always flash it on your phone using the same procedure. Make sure you DO NOT use “Format All + download” method. If you want to preserve your data you can use “Update firmware”. If you don’t care about preserving data, then “Download Only” method is best to have a fresh firmware.

      2nd. There should not be an issue downloading from Play store. your phone may have issues that might prevent downloading and installing from store. Mostly Root create issues such as that. “Download Only” flash method should fix it.

      • Trisha M

        thanks for the details, however, i cant seem to get through with the zip files. they’re giving BC and Im looking for A1 20151009 and later. Is there a way you can email me the zip file?
        Thanks again…

  • Noor Aslan

    first i had the same problem as u , it is stuck at XUI loader
    The Solution is :-
    Download the lower version , not the latest one for me it was
    Hot Note Pro (16/32GB storage + 2GB RAM): X551-G808-BC-L-20151120.rar
    because i am 2GB ram and Bang It Worked !!!!
    just wait for about 10 – 15 min i hope u all get to make it work !
    Some one else said the same stuf but i wanted to write this too as more people can see it
    love u all

    Note : after u flash the older version go to system and then update , it will update normally to the latest version :)
    <3 <3 <3

  • edwin

    Please guys i need help, i used the sp flash tool to upgrade my infinix X551 to latest upgrade Infinix Hot Note X551-G808-A1-L-20160722(16 G+1G)
    now my phone wount turn on.

    • Syed Najabat Kamal

      I hope u got the answer, if not try this. Open SP Flas Tool and go to Format tab. Select “Auto Format Flash” and click start and then plug-in your mobile. It will flash your mobile. After that, try installing the ROM again but first make sure your are flashing right ROM.

  • idsamoo

    Hi every one..I learnt my to a friend to use for awhile …now am using it again..different stuffs kp popping up anytime am online…I need to flash it afresh I don’t know if he has rooted the phone cause he mentioned sometin lie that…can I flash the phone without any problem even if d infinix hot note is rooted?