Nokia to present at MWC 2017, Should you expect a Nokia Smartphone?

Nokia officially confirms its speaker to present at next year’s Mobile World Congress. But there is really no clue if Nokia will be announcing about a smartphone what we are looking out for a quiet good time.

In a tweet with excitement, Nokia announced that the CEO, Rajeev Suri will be delivering a keynote at MWC 2017.


You can checkout other speakers which are going to present keynote at next year’s MWC which include Eugene Kaspersky – CEO Kaspersky Lab, José María – CEO Telephonica, Mats Granryd – DG GSMA, and a few more.

While there is no information about what Nokia will be presenting next year, the fans of the Finish phone maker around the world are expecting the first Android phone from the company. Nokia D1C is one tablet still in rumors but of course not an eye catcher.

Until the Nokia CEO surprises with their “getting back to business” thing, we can just hope for it.