This iPhone 6s Photo is 3rd Runner up in NatGeo Photo Competition

“Girl Who Travels Through Time And Space”

A photo taken by an iPhone 6s clicked National Geographic’s photo experts and got a prize in NatGeo Photo Competition 2016.

Kira Waison Lee – a graduate student from Chinese University of Hong Kong, having photography as a hobby, is currently studying Japanese studies. The photo depicts a girl standing where some afterrain water is gethered on the street mirroring the reflections upside-down.

The photo was captured with an iPhone 6s and later flipped that actually might give impression with blurred elements which the photographer entitled “Girl Who Travels Through Time And Space”

Talking to PetaPixel, Lee told that he placed 3rd runner up in the “People” category that had 1191 entries.

You can click the following photo to view in full.


Photo Credits: Kira Waison Lee with permission