Samsung Galaxy S8’s First Alleged Photo Appears, Fake or Real? Decide Yourself

Samsung, after big deal done with Galaxy Note 7 last year, has now a big thing to reveal this year – the Galaxy S8 just following their product release cycle. To cover the damage Note 7 fiasco has done done to the Korean smartphone maker, the next flagship has to have enough guts which could not only recover the company’s losses but also make huge profits to keep its “Galaxy” brand alive for more years.

In the mean time, the leaking arena is just busy making concepts of Samsung Galaxy S8 according to user’s demands filling the phone with interesting hardware specs and features. Today, in addition to all the things heard about the Galaxy S8, an allegedly first photograph of the Galaxy S8 has been appeared on surface.

The photo reveals design of Galaxy S8 pretty much similar to its yet-to-be predecessor Galaxy S7 with 3D curved display and bezel less frame, however there is no home button (not visible at least) and the “Samsung” branding takes place of it down below the screen.

But also take a note that, there are huge chances of the photo being faked. If look closely some artifacts can be noticed at random locations of the photo. But still if it’s photo-shopped, it’s quite well made covering the aspects we have heard in rumors as the Galaxy S8 to be looked like.

You just should take this with a pinch of salt and expect more to come.