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Samsung ordered to pay over $11 million to Huawei for patent infringement in China

Following a patent infringement case in China among the tech giants Samsung and Huawei, the court has ordered the former to pay CNY 80 million (equivalent to $11.6 million) to latter. This development makes Huawei Technologies‘ first win against the Korean smartphone maker Samsung on its legal lawsuits.

Quanzhou Intermediary Court ordered three of the subsidiaries of Samsung to pay the total amount referred for infringing the patents owned by Huawei and its subsidiaries. The Chinese tech giant sought compensation for over 30 million products that Samsung sold last year and gathered revenues of $12.7 billion. The product line also include Galaxy S7, according to report.

The verdict is a result of one of the lawsuits Huawei filed against the Korean smartphone maker in May in China and United States. In a counter attempt, Samsung sued Huawei in China for its intellectual property infringement.

For instance the court ordered three units of Samsung — Samsung China Investment Co Limited, a unit in Huizhou, and a unit in Tianjin to pay for the damages caused to Huawei. Huawei also sued two other Chinese electronic companies which were making and selling over 20 kinds of Samsung devices. The court ordered those firms to stop infringing Huawei’s copyrights.