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YouTube Partner Program introduces Review Process following 10k lifetime views

Earlier this month YouTube announced expanded safeguards to protect creators and their content for being abused. The video platform also hinted as they were planning to add a new review process before accepting new applications on the YouTube Partner Program.

Following the expansion, YouTube has now introduced the review process for new creators who apply to participate YouTube Partner Program. As told in original expansion policy, users will be able to apply anytime but will wait until their application is approved.

After the new user or creator has reached 10k lifetime views on its channel, YouTube will review their activity against their policies. If they find everything on your channel is good, they will bring your channel into YouTube Partner Program and begin serving ads on your videos.

How to apply for YouTube Partner Program?

Eligibility of the program stays intact as long as the Partner Program is available in your country. You will see the status of monetization, if your channel is eligible or not, at Creator Studio > Channel > Monetization. Then you can apply to participate YouTube Partner Program. After going through a few steps you will have to wait until you reach 10k channel views before your application gets reviewed.