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Google’s RAISR, Smart Image Upscaling comes to Google+ on Android

Google introduced RAISR – Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution last year to enhance and upscale low-resolution images in great way. The technique uses machine learning to produce improved or better quality versions of the photos with lower-resolution. According to more a recent announcement, Google has now implemented the technology on its Google+ and Android platforms. […]

Sony’s new 2mm 1 megapixel Camera Sensor for future Smart Watches

Sony makes World’s Smallest 1 Megapixel Camera Sensor with Lens Getting the things smaller in smart devices in today’s age, is making technology manufacturers more aggressive at building even smaller parts to equip for the devices. Sony’s semiconductor division has built a very tiny camera sensor as 2 millimeters in size with 1 megapixel resolution. […]