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Nokia's "Kuch Kar Dikha" Travel Show but no Local Maps & Navigation

kkd-no-maps-navigation-1 Nokia misses the opportunity to show off its maps and navigation feature, which has been acclaimed worldwide, in a travel show "Kuch Kar Dikha" due to the unavailability of Nokia HERE Maps and Navigation in Pakistan.
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Google to bring Street View Detail of Punjab Pakistan on Google Maps


Google Inc. and Punjab Govt. have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to bring one of the most appreciated services till now which have been on the Google Maps. The MoU will allow Google to come up on the streets of Punjab with special cameras mounted on their cars to collect pictures for tourism promotion of heritage and cultural sites.

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How to Add Places or POIs on Ovi Maps


I've selected a few areas in Lahore and Karachi to add some places. But before start adding them I want to inform you that the editing system doesn't seem to be perfect yet on Ovi Maps. Hope Nokia will be on it right now making it more user friendly. But I don't want to give you hopes for it to be as good as Google Map Maker. However adding places is quite quick once you find a correct location on map.

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Ovi Maps enabled editing for places in Pakistan Region


Pakistan Maps in Detail still didn't make it to Ovi Maps but in the meanwhile there is a cool update on Ovi Maps website that the editing for public has been enabled for Pakistan Region which was not opened publicly a few weeks ago.