Review: Nokia Lumia 630 – First Dual SIM Windows Phone


Hardware, Design and The Build

Hardware, Design and The Build:

Lumia 630 is pretty good in hands as it’s only measures 129.5 mm tall and 66.7 mm wide. With a removable back cover the battery is also removable. Running on Windows Phone 8.1 it’s pretty up to the competition to give a good range of apps and games as well as enabling to run Dual SIM support. Lumia 630 as you already know is the very first phone in Windows Phone category that supports dual SIM.


Powered the Snapdragon 400 and 1.2 GHz Quad-core processor, it only have the support to run with 512 MB of RAM. While it gives 8 GB of internal storage, it also provides the option to expand memory via microSD card up to 128 GB.

Handling is perfect for normal hands along with the matte finish on the back cover it’s actually supportive in helping you don’t slip it away. The back side is rather more friendly in handling Lumia 630 than we found the Lumia 520. Specially the hard keys on the right side of Lumia 520 were less friendly to use. That was the quick impression I felt when tried the Lumia 630. This matches mostly to the X family of Android phones from Nokia. Available color options are orange, green, yellow and the most common ones the black and the white. Here we have the white one.


Around the device, the edges are completely flat unlike the rounded edges on Lumia 520. The design elements are simple just like other Windows Phone smartphones specially Lumia. Only what’s missing is the dedicated camera shutter button.

When facing front, on the right side of the phone there are volume control keys and the power or screen lock/unlock key. A camera dedicated shutter button as you found usually on any smartphone or older feature phones from Nokia is not present on the Lumia 630. That was pretty surprising for me at first glance but in fact I missed this a lot of time.

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Other side of the Lumia 630 is just empty with no usability but your hand grip of course.

Top side of the device hosts with a 3.5 mm audio connector and likewise the micro USB port is featured at the bottom of the device just like other Lumia range of smartphones.

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The rear of the device hosts two common elements of the a smartphone that is camera and the loud speaker. The first deploys on the upper half of the phone while the second element is obvious on the lower half of the phone at a little right-bottom corner on the rear view.


5 megapixels camera is not a PureView camera but just standard/regular camera sensor. That’s also without an LED flash. So outdoor, indoor or in dark you will not have the support of flash for taking photographs.

Hands-on Video:

Front and Display:

The screen on the front serves with a 4.5 inch IPS LCD display that is coated and protected by Gorilla Glass 3. The ClearBlack support into the display is a good deal addition to help with the clarity of display specially outdoors as well as helping the display turn almost completely black when off. However the display resolution is FWVGA (854 x 480) which is actually a non-standard resolution in any phone. We’ll see below what this resolution is about.


At a technical note the display serves the pixels density of approximately 221 PPI. The display size with of 4.5″ with such a low resolution is not much arguable as on Lumia 620 it’s pretty much good and reasonable and the quality of the content (including text and/or images) is delivered with the sharpness with no objection being a budget phone.

Another thing to be considered is that the Lumia 630 does not come with the capacitive navigation keys on the bottom of the bezel as the Windows Phone 8.1 OS don’t need them anymore. They are built-in to the OS itself just just like we saw the Android OS in later versions.


Resolution of 854 x 480 pixels on the display includes the navigation bar of extra 54 pixels in vertical resolution. So the actual working resolution of the display contains 800 pixels tall making it the standard 800 x 480.

Just like being the first ever Dual SIM Windows Phone, the Lumia 630 is also the first Windows Phone without the capacitive navigation keys on the front screen. With a full plain black screen glass on the front it did look good to me. The only earpiece on top with a Nokia branding and mouthpiece at the bottom edge of the glass. There is no front-facing camera on the front for video chat or calling.

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There is no visible sensor as well on the top of the screen. Those sensors we usually see on the screen-top are usually be the ambient light sensor and the proximity sensor. Well these sensors are not present on the Lumia 630 being the reason that it can not adjust brightness automatically and you need to just manually between (low, medium and high) according to your environment.

The proximity sensor on the other hand has been a really important component since the touch screen phones and smartphone came into the era. The most important function of the proximity sensor is to turn off the screen and lock it down for touch inputs when a call is in progress to avoid unintentional touch events when you bring your phone near your ears.

Surprisingly the function is still in place with Lumia 630 as the screen does turn off and prevent accidental touch inputs during call but rather in a pretty different fashion. Normally the proximity sensor detects the near object only in front of the sensor on top and the object mostly be your ear. With Lumia 630 it’s detected right from any where on the screen but it has to be large. Your face/cheeks work good as a large object or even your ear is enough large for that object. That case allows you to use touch screen with your fingers if you intentionally want to use the phone during the call.


The display quality of the Lumia 630 with the 4.5″ inch screen is quite good. Colors and contrast is pretty decent on in this price range. Viewing angles are also pretty good indoors. Impressively outdoor visibility in sunlight also performed well to be told here.

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