Review: Nokia Lumia 630 – First Dual SIM Windows Phone


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Windows Phone has always come with its native camera app but OEMs also add their proprietary camera apps in their builds. Likewise Nokia built their Nokia Camera app for their Lumia devices which is now under Microsoft’s ownership but still they seem to be working in this department. Nokia Camera, which is now bound to be replaced with Lumia Camera in upcoming software updates. Lumia 630, like other Lumia smartphones comes with the Nokia Camera app pre-installed but with limited functionality.

The User Interface of camera is no different than found previously on Windows Phone 8. You have the same pro features on the interface to control the camera manually.

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The flash switch won’t work as the Lumia 630 does not have a flash. On the pro interface the shutter speed can go down to 1 second. You can control white balance, focus, ISO speed, exposure value (EV).

In picture settings there are not much to play with but only a Framing grids or Aspect ratio you can change in the settings. Default settings takes 4 megapixels images at 16:9 aspect ratio. To get 5 MP shot you need to change it to 4:3 aspect ratio. I missed the “Photo review” option in the settings that show the photo right after you capture it.

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On the other side these are regular Windows Phone lenses you could use to enhance your photos or use them to share your photos on social networks or via email. Lumia Panorama is also provided through lenses as well as a separate app. Others include Nokia Refocus and Lumia Cinemagraphy.

Note: The Bing Vision can only be accessed from the lenses after Cortana is enabled on your Windows Phone. So please keep it in mind.

There is no front-facing camera either on Lumia 630, hence there is no such option on the interface to switch the cameras over.

I must say that the picture quality from its 5 megapixels camera is more than just a regular small sensor camera result. I didn’t remember if I had seen some better quality photos from such a small camera even from Nokia’s range of low-end or budget phones. I really wish it had a flash – even single LED flash would be acceptable on this phone. The lack of flash could even be a big deal for some when they are looking on to some successor phone.

Nokia Camera, the built-in camera specialist app, gives you the opportunity to capture the photos at lower shutter speed that could be useful indoors or in low light but you have to hold the Lumia 630 still to avoid camera shake.

The 5 megapixels camera on Lumia 630 captured the detail that I was not expecting seriously. Color output and the contrast are good to see on photos from such a budget phone. The pictures were sharpened very well without over doing so. Color noise is also well managed that is not looking bad as you see closer, it’s soft.

Take a look at the following sample shots. Some are outdoors with sunny days. And a few indoors. Close ups are impressive though with a little blur on the background.

Lumia 630 is capable of recording videos of 720p resolution at 30 frames per second. It records stereo sound. After looking at the meta information of the recorded video clip I can tell you that it uses the Advanced Video Codec (AVC) for video and Advanced Audio Codec for audio recording. 10 Mbps of bit rate is extremely high at values. Sound was pretty good and the total dynamic range was also not bad. But detail was not so impressive to be liked.

What you can expect from 5 megapixels camera to give you? of course not the whole lot of good detail. But the noise level in the videos were good.

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