Honor 8 Lite Review – Huawei’s lower mid-range getting better

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Huawei Honor 8 Lite - Image by KA / Tech Prolonged

System Performance and Benchmarks

Honor 8 Lite – Performance and Benchmarks

Running inside Honor 8 Lite is the same proprietary mid-range processor – Kirin 655, as equipped in Honor 6X. 3GB RAM is also similar to what we had in the mid-ranger dual-camera phone. However storage is limited to 16GB only.

Storage is only a concern for those who take a lot of photos and record videos in addition to bunch of apps on their phone. Sure the system performance is also degraded if you are running a lot of apps; because most of those apps run in the background and occupy the memory.

Actually what’s important, is the practical use of a system that has impacts of the software. If software is not well optimized, even a bigger hardware could not perform well. Considering EMUI 5 in its early stages, it’s has actually performed well in this Honor 8 Lite. Regular use, calling, texting, or browsing – social apps like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp were fluid and responsive. In fact heavy titles in games also worked fine but there is still a room for improvement. Lagging could occur not so frequently but indeed it’s there to face you.


If you are wondering about how did it perform on the benchmark tools, following are the numbers. And tell you what they are actually a bit low but similar to Honor 6X’s. However AnTuTu tells that Honor 6X is better than Honor 8 Lite, if you care about these numbers.

Battery Performance

Well, when the performance is something to have concerns about, battery has it too. But 3000mAh battery in Honor 8 Lite is something you shouldn’t be worried about. Normally it would give around 24 hours practically and it’s pretty much acceptable for moderate use of a smartphone – a little gaming and a few videos offline/online also included.

Honor 8 Lite - Battery Charging

For some, it could be an issue as Honor 8 Lite could not catch up with you watching extensive videos online and playing games for hours. Extensive usage of the phone with highly needy games, continuous video playback, a GPS navigation of a few minutes and shooting with camera pretty frequently, wonder if Honor 8 Lite could live it up for half a day.

Ultra-battery saving is also there however to come handy in urgency. If you are not familiar with it – while most would be, it leaves you with only a select apps and services to run. It’s usable when you are out and know that you’ll have no access to charger for a few hours.

Usage depends on individual basis, what’s more problematic is the charging. Honor 8 Lite doesn’t support real fast charging. It could easily take over 2 hours to have full charge. That’s a big issue, also present in Honor 6X. Huawei has to think about that.

Fingerprint Scanner

The most common component in almost every next smartphone – mid-range or high-end, today is fingerprint scanner. Honor 8 Lite sure as that as well and it’s quite fast to be in a mid-range smartphone. The one in honor 6X also impressed anyway. It’s commendable that Huawei maintains its features quality at most extent.

Huawei Honor 8 Lite - Fingerprint Scanner

With this fingerprint scanner you can lock the phone down and quickly unlock it by putting the finger tip on the scanner on rear side. Oh, well you must know it already. But that’s pretty much it with Huawei’s fingerprint scanner. You can unlock the phone screen quickly, or unlock anything that is locked with the preference of being unlocked by fingerprint scanner – etc.

The good thing is that it’s not bad on this mid-range device. It’s fast enough to take you to the home screen within milliseconds from a black sleeping screen.

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