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Huawei Y7 Prime - 12MP Camera


Huawei Y7 Prime sports a 12MP rear camera with 1.25μm pixel sensor. Larger pixels are supposed to get more light, and lets you take great quality photos even under low light conditions. Sure it’s not the only thing in photography, many other things are involved to make a produce a good image. The sensor has Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) which is very common now. It allows you to focus on your subject faster – Huawei claims that Y7 Prime does the job in 0.3s.

On the picture quality, Y7 Prime seems a good performer with quite low noise and better image detail. Foliage on the trees are impressively detailed in good light but it’s equally poor in a little low-light conditions. White balance, on the other hand, is very inconsistent during the dusk.

The camera performed little better indoors but noise levels are sure increased. White balance was good in most conditions but image detail was not as good as in outdoor shots. Artifacts were impressively not present.

Outdoor Shots

In these shots, only the white balance is something which is not right. It’s not consistent even when shot the same scene after only a little shake of the camera – to tell it to concentrate again.

Indoor Low Light

Low light shots weren’t that bad, however the noise levels are a pain. You won’t expect any better from this price range either. Color rendering is fine, just according to the scene. Image detail is lost due to increased noise.

White Balance Issue

As told above the auto white balance is not that intelligent to get the picture from the scene you see with your eyes. Look at the following photos – Left one is auto capture, while the right one was captured with manual white balance set at cloudy, while the day was fully bright under sunlight. The picture on the right reflects the actual temperature on the time it was shot.

Front Camera

8MP front camera on Y7 Prime features beauty mode, that helps remove blemishes and improves brightness. Front camera is just average and results much noisy shots even in bright daylight.


Huawei’s camera work really good with panoramas, that’s something that I always appreciate. It’s smooth to work, fast and accurate with binding and less errors.

Huawei Y7 Prime Review
Build & Design 8
Display & Touch Screen 7
Software / OS 8
System Performance 7
Battery Performance 8.5
Camera Primary/Secondary 6.5
Y7 Prime is the best looking smartphone in Huawei's lower mid-range family. It's a good performer as well
User Rating 2.35 ( 9 votes)
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