Jazz goes live with its #CustomerObsessed Campaign to answer customers questions

Jazz, yesterday announced, to get its customers feedback in very direct way by go out on the streets across Pakistan and meet the Jazz subscribers by face to face.

The online session has already begun on Jazz facebook page which you can watch above or if you want to join in, you can move to the source link below.

The campaign, hash tagged with #CustomerObsessed day is going to be led by Amir Ibrahim — CEO Jazz who will be visiting across the capital – Islamabad. The CEO will be doing Facebook sessions with live videos while interacting with Jazz customers. Asif Aziz — Chief Commercial Officer of Jazz, will also be doing live videos with Jazz customers on Facebook.

Jazz looks forward the collect over 10,000 responses during the campaign in a single day today. Jazz believes that it will help the company “understand the customer needs, their sentiments and more about how Jazz should operate in days to come.”