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Tech Prolonged was founded and started in Q4 2010 by Khurram Ali and primarily focused to deliver content and news about the Mobile/Gadgets and Technologies. For extent, Tech Prolonged is dedicated to serve its readers the latest about what’s happenings in gadgets/mobile and technology taking from the news to the reviews of digital products.


KA is “Khurram Ali” in full form and is administering this website while taking care of it from host to the affiliated sites. Khurram, by profession, is Software Engineer and is currently working for UK based Telecom company as Software Project Manager in the country office of the company in Lahore, Pakistan.

At first, starting this website was his idea to create a platform at where he could share experiences with problems and the solutions in his professional field (Software Engineering) but he, being so interested and enthusiast of technology and gadgets, later expanded his idea not only to the problems limited to his profession and he thought to move on with another aspect of blogging and that it is now. But he could never end up with his work experiences and thought to move those articles and new one as well to his own named http://khurramar.com.

He just couldn’t resist experimenting his devices with hacking, evaluating different kind of softwares OSes only so that he could share new things with his readers.

KA can be reached at following.
khurramar @facebook
khurramar @twitter
email [email protected] or [email protected]

KA also got help from his colleagues who also joined in to share experiences in their relative interests.

Maroof (Maroof Saeed) is also working as Software Engineer in his firm. He started his carrier in 2000 with a Pakistan based well-known telecom company and was serving. Now he works with KA in the same company. Maroof has been a technical individual in experimenting his mobile phones since he was a Symbian user. hacking and making his mobile phones in way to do more than what they suppose to do.

But now he’s one of those who have moved to Android but not failing his beloved Symbian. He always differentiates technology with their respective possibilities and not being a fan of one over declining the other. You will mostly see him sharing about Android and the world around it.

Maroof can be reached at following.
maroofsaeed @facebook
maroofsaeed @twitter
email [email protected]

Sunny’s full name is “Zohaib Butt”. He’s also a software engineer, ran out of his family business of jewellers. Sunny is a newly born tech-savvy guy taking interest in new gadgets and what made it happen? That’s “Android”. Yes! nothing could make him buy a better smartphone before when he got to be with Android. He’ll be a good asset for Tech Prolonged and its readers.

Sunny can be reached at following.
zohaibbuttt @facebook
email [email protected]

At Tech Prolonged, “Noaman” writes about the recent happenings around technology and local telecom including news bits and scoops from the speculations. He’s mostly active for gathering news about mobile technologies, software and hardware.

Noaman can be contacted at following.
email [email protected]

Well of course Tech Prolonged is not about their companies and their professional experiences but it’s about their interests and expertise in latest technology and lovely smartphones and gadgets that is beyond their professional lives. However their technical knowledge in software engineering is what makes it possible and worthy experimenting technology in their own unique way.

Do you want to be a part of us and write for Tech Prolonged?

We really do respect your interest in writing for us and sharing your experiences with the world out there. Just send us a request at following email address mentioning with the details of yours, whether you ever have written for some other blogs or you have your own blog.

Request at: [email protected]




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