Angry Birds Rio – Special Edition – An Overview


Well the Angry Birds Rio has already been released by Rovio Mobile on the passed Tuesday 22/03/2011 which was initially available on new Amazon Android App Store and a bit later on Apple App store. Yet to be released for Symbian^3 (may be in April; will let you know about that once it hits the Ovi Store). But for now we are playing it on Android, you can see the screenshots running on an Android smartphone.

More than the talks, about where the game to be downloaded from and for which platforms the game is currently available on, today it’s about what the game actually is and how does it differ from the original Angry Birds. Just continue reading. Though the download links as well are provided after the break

This special edition of Angry Birds was developed and named after the upcoming movie RIO by Blue Sky Studios and Twentieth Century Fox Animation. The game play contains completely new levels specially with the additional characters from RIO (the movie) and gives the birds a new reason to revenge.

About the game itself I would say that it’s bit easy in play and has very rich graphics comparatively the previous versions. The sound and music are much changed (probably following the movie’s background score, not sure though as it’s not released yet). As said the characters have been added in the Angry Birds Rio with a new reason for the birds to revenge.

What’s new?

New birds, new purpose and another revenge.

Blu and Jewel from the movie are two new birds in the Angry Birds Rio. The angry birds will have the purpose to save them from the smugglers which actually have already captured the angry birds themselves but they some how manage to escape from the captors and continue their mission by helping other birds and animals getting released from the cages.

This is as simple as you have done in previous versions to kill pigs by throwing the birds on them. This time, in Angry Birds Rio, you will throw the birds but to destroy the cages and to let the captured birds fly away.

The mission is to save the Blu and Jewel, so let the game begin.

Still want to read more about this stuff? head over to Amazon Angry Birds Rio page

Game Play Screenshots


Amazon App Store “Application” for Android

Angry Birds Rio for Android on Amazon App Store

Angry Birds Rio for iOS on Apple App store

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