Nokia Lumia 1020 Pre-Order in Pakistan Now


Straight to the point, Nokia Lumia 1020 is now available for pre-orders in Pakistan by online web store HomeShopping.PK


While officially there is only US where Nokia has launched the Lumia 1020 in contract with AT&T but just like many online retailers around the world which have started taking pre-orders for Lumia 1020, Pakistan is nowhere behind. Home Shopping PK, one of the popular online stores in Pakistan, has listed the Lumia 1020 pre-orders on its website for Rs. 84,990/- and the availability of the device is 10th August (this month).

The only disturbing factor is that we are seeing the Lumia 1020 which will cost us Rs. 84,990/- (or $835) and it is without warranty. With 1 year add-on warranty option the price increases by Rs. 2000/- Working with some plus and minuses, this price is way too high than the (USD $750) being offered in US for off-contract devices.

On talking to the referenced online store guys we have discovered (as expected) the device will not be the one officially launched by Nokia Pakistan but imported from another region. On asking that if it’s AT&T branded, the guy intentionally indicated that the devices will not be branded to any carrier and “will be factory-unlocked”. He also added that the availability date is not for customers but for themselves when the devices will reach their stock and may be started delivering to customers in a week later. Well, that’s awkward. Why did they put the availability date on web which is not related to customers?

Anyway. If we focus a little bit, Nokia has not officially announced to launch the flagship smartphone in other regions as sooner as in August but this quarter. The only rumor we heard is that it may launch in China mid-August (not before 10th August). The point we get here is that from where the guys at Home Shopping will be getting these devices? Well we’ll see how they are up to bringing the excellent camera smartphone for Pakistani market. Our guess is, they would be AT&T branded. But personally I won’t buy it for listed price as it’s way more than the off-contract price of the device in US. So I’ll wait when the device is officially launched in Pakistan as the price normally drops in Pakistan in weeks.

source: homeshopping

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