Nokia Lumia 1020 PureView – Unboxing in Pakistan [Video]


If you are keen on to the 41 Megapixels camera smartphone Nokia Lumia 1020, it was launched globally back in July and later announced in Pakistan recently a few days ago. We got lucky to get our hands on to this wonderful camera device (I would say), thanks to Nokia Pakistan for sending over a review unit.


Just like our regular way of reviewing, we are going to have the device for around a week and we’ll go through it while handling like an average user to test its performance and the usability in a very straight way. Specially with Nokia Lumia 1020, as it’s a camera centric flagship from Nokia, we’ll keep the factor on priority to see how well it performs for the purpose. The device has already been on the trial with us. Until we bring you a thorough review, you can take a scoop of the unboxing session we already have prepared for you.

Nokia Lumia 1020, like the other Nokia phones, comes in the same standard blue box with the pull out drawer inside. Showing off all the available colours yellow, black and white the label covers almost 3 sides of the main box. Back side of the box reads the features of the device.

nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-1 nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-3 nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-4

Opening side of the inner box provides product detail with information like IMEI number, supported frequencies, the device colour and warranty information. Additionally it reveals the in-house technical name of the device being Nokia 909.1. Hence Nokia Lumia 1020 is the commercial name of the smartphone.

nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-2 nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-6

Pointable difference from previous boxes is the tab on inner box, that is colour coded with the device’s actual colour, which is a good use of something on the box. We got the white one inside.

Drawing out the inner box reveals that we are actually going to pick a camera instead of just a smartphone. Nokia Lumia 1020 resides upside down in the box showing off a big circular hump of its camera module with a Xenon flash besides the Carl ZEIS lens and 41MP branding.


Wrapping style of Nokia for their flagship smartphones is really good in itself. I love it opening it. Specially with Lumia 1020, we found a protective film covering the camera hump completely. Once you remove it, there is no additional protection for the camera lens.

nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-7 nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-8

Getting down in the box, the tray on which the device resides, contains a SIM slot eject key which we have never appreciated for not understanding the need of such a system of SIM ejecting tool when the Finnish manufacturer has done with various different techniques for the purpose. Such as the slide-out technique first introduced in Nokia N9 and then Lumia 800.

nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-9 nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-11

The SIM eject key is packed within a pasted envelop for later protection. That’s good about later reusability as you will not want to search for another pin in home in case you lose the packaged SIM key.

Getting the tray out, you will find as usual an envelop containing user guide and manual in your regional languages. With Lumia 1020 there comes additional brochure labeling some photography hints.

nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-12 nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-13

Under the hood, three compartments provide room for data/connectivity and charging cable (micro-standard USB), a travel charger and headphones with some additional earbuds included.

nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-14 nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-15 nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-16

nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-17 nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-18 nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-19 nokia-lumia-1020-unboxing-20

Have a closer look in all the items the sales package will include.

  • Nokia AC-60 MicroUSB Charger
  • Nokia Charging and Data Cable (CA-190CD)
  • Nokia WH-208 Headset
  • SIM Door Key


That was a quick unboxing session for you. As I told, the device is already onto its job of taking shots here and there and it’s quite doing well for the purpose. We will try to bring a photography session with Nokia Lumia 1020 in coming days but we’ll also publish a design review of the device. So keep an eye here to get more about the device.

Video Unboxing Session




We listen to your queries and try to bring answers, you know that. If you have anything about Nokia Lumia 1020 to ask. Do it below. We’ll cover it in upcoming posts or answer right away where possible.

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