“Move to iOS” Apple’s first & only Android app failed to attract Android Fans


With the launch of the new Android app “Move to iOS” by Apple on Google Play store, the iOS community started to review the app and referring it to be an easy way for Android users to ditch their platform and move to iOS.

The game has now been reversed by the Android community with all the guns and fires at the only Apple app in Play store. The app had already received above 2000 1-star rating with negative feedback in just a single day after its release. The rating has just got bigger as above 24,000 in a couple of more days.

Google Play store app stats show that the install-base has indeed crossed 50,000 but ~25,000 reviews have gone against the app with 1-star rating compared to ~5,000 positive reviews with 5-star rating.

Considering the app’s actual purpose, it doesn’t matter how the app works when it’s obviously targeting Android users to switch to iOS devices. Hence Android users seem to be complaining about Apple and its platform rather than complaining about the app itself.

The recent feedback of the users can be seen as quoted below:

The reason I went from ios to Android is because Google put all there apps on ios to use. I became so invested in there ecosystem at that point that it just worked better to have an android phone. Do the same thing (make the default apps for Android with an apple id login) and people might move back. — William Coll

Apple, please. Come on. Google has supported your platform with their services from the start, even as your rival. I barfed a little in my mouth when I heard that this would be your first app on the Android platform, but this is what I’ve come to expect out of Apple as a company. 0/10 Congrats. — Hudson Dahly

Haha What do you think I am? Mad? Why on earth would I move from Android to Fisher Price? Sorry, I mean iOS. Sheer madness I tell you! — Harvey Drysdal


What is and How does the app “Move to iOS” actually works?

Move to iOS on Android platform is not more than being capable of transferring your contacts, messages, photos and videos, bookmarks, mail accounts and calendars in a few steps from Android phone to the iPhone or iPad.

You can call it a bridge to move your most important content from Android phone the iOS device where the iOS device with the latest software iOS 9 is already capable of setting up the incoming content from an Android phone running the “Move to iOS” app. Here’s how it works.

If you want to move from Android to an iPhone or iPad, you need to have it updated to iOS 9. If starting first time, the setup process will prompt to Move Data from Android if switching. This process will work on Wi-Fi network and will offer a security code on iOS – save it for use on Android device.

Next on the Android device with Move to iOS app installed and open. Follow the on-screen instructions as:

Continue > Agree to T&C > Find Your Code (on iPhone) > Enter Code

Once the code is entered correctly in Android app, you should be able select which kind of content you want to move from this Android device to the other iOS device.

You can still get the Move to iOS app on the Play Store for free.

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