How to install CyanogenMod 13 on Infinix Note 2 LTE X600


If you are keeping an eye on the development of silently growing Chinese phone maker – Infinix Mobility, you would know that their support is really overwhelming towards their customers.

Comparatively to other brands in its class, Infinix can currently be considered as fastest developing company which is making lower / mid-range Android smartphones for masses. In Pakistan they are also performing well where the company has recently launched Infinix Note 3 running Android 6.0 Marshmallow with their own XOS flavor on top.

Well the company has already released the Android 6.0 update for Infinix Note 2 devices, but the community has got enthusiasts and geeks who have also brought, to Note 2 users, the famous CyanogenMod 13 also based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. In this article you will know how you will install CM13 on your Infinix Note 2 smartphone.

Disclaimer: This tutorial includes modifying your Android smartphone with a custom firmware ROM. If not followed correctly, it may lead you with a bricked device. By whatever means, following our mobile flashing or customising guides, you are the sole-responsible if any damages or faults happen to your device or devices during or after the flashing process.
Warning: Installing or modifying your Android smartphone using this tutorial will wipe out your device. Hence, it’s recommended that you take a backup of important data from the phone before you proceed.

Important Things To Know About This Custom CM13 ROM

  • This ROM is unofficial, ported by third person.
  • This ROM may have bugs which might or might not be a problem for most. Only listed bugs by the porter are the issues with VPN, gestures, gallery, video playback (third party players like mxplayer should work)
  • Most importantly, this ROM is only meant to be used with Infinix Note 2 LTE X600. No other device should be used with this ROM.


  • Your Infinix Note 2 smartphone has to have custom recovery TWRP installed prior to flash custom ROM like CM13 in this tutorial. Download TWRP recovery for Infinix Note 2 and flash using SP Flash Tool.
  • A microSD card is also recommended to store needed ROM files. (Internal Storage will also work)

Note: This method worked with TWRP recovery on Infinix Note 2 running stock Android 5 Lollipop as linked above in prerequisites . Newer TWRP 3 with Infinix Note 2 Android 6 did not work.

Required Downloads:

Also note: Links to the files you find in this article are not hosted on our server. If it’s found to be illegal any time sooner or later, the link will be removed instantly.

Now that assuming you have everything as required, you have taken backup of your important data, you have noted down the warnings and you are ready to proceed with the process, you can follow the steps below to install CM13 on your Infinix Note 2.

  1. Turn off your phone and boot into TWRP recovery (volume up + power on)
  2. Wipe > Advance Wipe >
    • Choose System, Cache, Data
    • (optional) Choose Internal Storage to have fresh install only if you are installing from microSD card. (Do not choose internal storage if you have placed ROM files in it instead of microSD card)
    • Swipe to Wipe selected partitions.
  3. Go Back to home.
  4. Install > Locate and Choose CM13 ROM zip file from microSD card or from Internal Storage wherever you placed it.
    • Swipe to Install
    • Wait for a few minutes to complete the installation.
  5. Once Installation completes.
    • Choose Wipe Caches (Cache & Dalvik Cache)
    • Swipe to Wipe
  6. Go Back to home.
  7. Install > Locate and Choose GApps zip file from microSD card or from Internal Storage wherever you placed it.
    • Swipe to Install
    • Wait for a few seconds to complete the installation.

Note: CM13 should now be installed with Google Apps on your Infinix Note 2. But if you have B1 variant of Infinix Note 2, you must apply the B1 patch by installing it exactly like you installed the ROM and GApps. Do not wipe anything now.

  • Install > Locate and Choose Patch for B1 zip file from microSD card or from Internal Storage wherever you placed it.
    • Swipe to Install
    • It should be quick.
  • Go Back to home and Reboot System.

You can also watch the video demo below.

Video Demo

Or if you still have trouble understanding my way of tutorial, you can go ahead and see original thread of vicatz at XClub. All credits to him.

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