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Xiaomi announces a hi-tech Underwear that dries out faster

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Xiaomi Underwear

Xiaomi could be said as the only company that wants everything on this earth turned into something that works with technology. Bicycle would be the most resent product you’d remember. But here comes another more closer to you in your daily life — The Underwear.

Yes, you heard it right. Xiaomi has just introduced the world to its new technology based product that is an “underwear”. The company chose this summer to introduce you to the right thing that you may need. Let’s say “you” in Pakistan, would be like those who may need this more than anyone else. Summer just right onto you.

Unlike the traditional underwear that you use is always prone to sweat and remains wet for long, this new underwear by Xiaomi is promises to absorb the sweat and leave you with a dry, cool and odourless undergarment.

The new underwear, called as “Cottonsmith”, uses Wicking Windows™ technology to pull the sweating moisture from the body and dry it faster. According to Xiaomi, it’s 40% faster in drying out the sweat than your regular underwear. This tech-underwear will be available for both male and female consumers.

Xiaomi Underwear Sizes

The Cottonsmith underwear will come in a pack of three in a metallic cylindrical case costing $15 for the male and $10 for the female underwear. Available in four different sizes for each gender, ranging from small to XXL, it will be available in a variety of colours.

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