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Leica’s 45% stake up for sale, Zeiss and Huawei reportedly be the buyers

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45% stake of the German camera company, Leica is reportedly up for sale. On the other side, a popular and legendary German optics maker Zeiss and the Chinese technology giant Huawei are reported to be the probable buyers.

According to a report by Reuters, the investment group Blackstone is in talks with potential buyers to sell off its 45% stake in the company. Remaining 55% stake of the company is owned by Kaufmann family who sold 45% of the company to Blackstone back in November 2011. Before then Dr. Andreas Kaufmann owned 95% of the company.

The report suggests, referring to the sources, that Blackstone has already teamed up with an investment bank and has talked to potential buyers – reportedly be Zeiss – the optics maker, and Huawei – the smartphone maker which has already collaborated with Leica to make optics/camera units for its smartphones.

Sources revealed to Reuters that Zeiss would only be interested if it could acquire majority stake in the company. However Kaufmann doesn’t seem to sell off their 55% stake in the company as he disclosed to Reuters that his family has “long-term goals with Leica Camera”.

The report further cites that, even though cameras have been an important part of today’s smartphones, Huawei is less likely to show any interest in buying the stake in the camera company.

Reuters tells that neither of the companies Zeiss, Huawei or even Blackstone agreed to comment on the alleged reports.

In addition, other potential buyers include Asian optics group which is also reportedly interested in buying Blackstone’s stake in Leica. Another Chinese investor CDH was also interested, last year, in buying Blackstone’s stake in Leica Camera but a deal didn’t occur, source told the publication.

If you are taking some interest about this development, you can head over and read the detailed report by Reuters.

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