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While the time peaking up with internet age, Pakistani consumers didn’t have to sit behind specially when the mobile broadband came into light. It’s now over a decade when the landline and wired broadband services started appearing in the country. Back then, only most relevant people – e.g. software firms, colleges and universities were the places where they got to fast-connect with the online world. Then PTCL dropped by with cheaper packages for home consumers, that did impact the market and the the internet users base started increasing year by year but not at the pace that could attract international forums.

The time kept on and the mobile broadband did make the difference by reaching most of the consumer base at individual level. Today, in Pakistan, 4G/LTE smartphones are now available in entry-level price range but still they are for from a budget criteria. So the dedicated 4G WiFi devices make their stand in the market. Consumers have a variety of options among various service providers, such as Zong, Telenor, Jazz (formerly Mobilink) or even PTCL which provide their own WiFi devices to connect to fast mobile broadband.

WiFi Device or USB Wingle?

All those providers have multiple types of product in this certain lineup – mostly there is a “Wingle” or a “WiFi device”. Both have their pros and cons but most of the features remain similar as the basic function of both is to connect to a mobile data network and provide internet access to locally connected devices. Both of them are portable but a Wingle (USB dongle) is little more compact than the WiFi device. The major difference between the two is, the Wingle always needs a PC or Mac to get powered, whereas the WiFi device comes with a battery and doesn’t need any power source all the time.

Jazz Super 4G WiFi or 4G Wingle

Today, here we are bringing you an in-depth review of a Jazz Super 4G WiFi device that I’ve been using for quite a few weeks. You will know what kind of advantages or disadvantages it has over the other similar devices or how better the Jazz 4G internet has been at various locations and regions throughout my commute, residence or work.

The Cost and Prices

Even though the price of the Jazz Super 4G WiFi device and cost of subscriptions were much higher when it was introduced, today at the time of writing, the device costs only PKR 3,000/- In addition to the device, you need a data subscription that currently comes in three bundles of monthly volumes.

  • 15GB for Rs. 999/-
  • 36GB for Rs. 1500/-
  • 75GB for Rs. 2500/-

To relax you down, on the purchase of WiFi device, the carrier provides you a free first month with 36GB data volume worth Rs. 1500/- You can switch bundle after it’s expired according to the balance you have in your account. Most importantly, if your month expires before you consume your bundle, the remaining data will be forwarded, unlike other networks where the data is expired if not used within the paid month.

The Retail Box Content

The retail box is a simple pocket style square box in black color with Jazz branding colors – red, yellow and black. It also prints the device model, IMEI, serial number along with the default SSID and the WiFi key for you to connect. Other details can also be found the user guide provided in the box – such as console username and password. You get the following items in the box.

Jazz Super 4G WiFi Box
  • The Jazz Super 4G WiFi device
  • 2300mAh battery
  • Travel charger: 5V/1A
  • micro USB cable
  • SIM card
  • Warranty card
  • User guide

Basic Features of Jazz Super 4G WiFi

  • 4G speed upto 150 Mbps.
  • battery capacity 2300mAh.
  • microSD card support up to 32GB for wireless network storage.
  • Connectivity up to 12 WiFi devices (PC, laptops, smartphones etc.)
  • WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup)
  • 5 indicators (network signal, online/offline connection, Wi-Fi, WPS, battery)

Setting up Jazz Super 4G WiFi device

Jazz Super 4G WiFi Setup

It’s just one minute setup process of the device as you just open the device’s back cover with your nail, unlock the SIM tray and install the SIM card into it. Insert the battery and close the back cover. Long press the power button and that’s it. The device will be ready to serve within 20 to 30 seconds.

To connect to this WiFi network, you will find the SSID and the WiFi key on your retail box and/or within the device when you open the back cover.

You can also reset the device if it’s having trouble with connection or if you have forgotten the console’s username/password.

The Device Build and Design

It’s really light wait device and small in size enough to easily carry in your hand or put in your shirt or jeans pocket. Sure it’s made of plastic and has matte finish with plain back but a lined pattern on the front. but it’s hard enough to stay secure and may survive major drops. Specially it’s like toy for my kid whenever he gets a glimpse of with the LED blinking on it and he throws it without hesitation whenever he’s angry. Well he didn’t yet throw on a tile or off the carpet but it indeed is tough. However, you are always advised to take care of you stuff.

Jazz Super 4G WiFi Compact Size

LED Indicators

As mentioned above, the device gives you some basic yet broad information about the connectivity and battery. On the far left, there is a network signal indicator that turns blue when connected to a 4G network. A green indicator would mean you are connected to a 3G network or yellow for 2G. When it’s not connected, a red indicator will be blinking.

Then there is a connection indicator which represents data transmission. If it stays off, that means the connection is not settled. For working incoming and outgoing transmission of data, this LED will stay on.

Third, there is a Wi-Fi indicator that, when turns on, you can connect to this device through WiFi. At the far right, there is WPS indicator which normally stays off. But when you want to setup a connecting device through WPS, you would press a provide WPS key on the side of the device first and the WPS indicator will turn on. After that you would be able to proceed to connect to this device through WPS.

Jazz Super 4G WiFi LED Indicators

Eventually, there is a power button that also has an LED indicator for battery power. A green represents a battery capacity over 20%. Below that number, it will turn red. I believe it should have at least two more states for over 50% and 75% which could have been better to advise the consumer about its battery life more frequently instead of informing the user just before it’s about to die.

Internet Performance in General

Before you get curious about the speeds I’d show you here, you must be informed that the mobile internet speeds depend on various factors. This Jazz Super 4G WiFi device is rated to provide up to 150 Mbps connection speed but it’s a numerical figure, up to which the modem on the chip inside the device can go. So that’s the upper limit of your internet speed which is something you won’t ever experience practically.

Then comes the lower limit of the speed, which can stay quite as bad as below 1 Mbps if the area you are using the device in, isn’t covered well by the network provider. So the first thing before buying such a device, you need to confirm if your area is well covered. You can do that easily by consulting your friends or people in your area if they have used the device. Or you can simply go to the nearest customer care center to discover more about the coverage. For a quick overview you can check OpenSignal’s coverage map for Jazz coverage.

Jazz Super 4G WiFi Internet Performance

Jazz Super 4G WiFi Speed

As long as this Jazz Super 4G WiFi device is concerned with the respective Jazz 4G internet which now has the double power after having merged with Warid Tel, has impressed me with its most consistent performance depending on time and area. I have tested this device in different areas of Lahore, Sheikhupura and all the way between the two cities. The maximum speed I experienced with this device was around 45 Mbps and the minimum was around only 5 Mbps, whereas the average speed that I can tell was around 20 Mbps which I could experience at most of the areas.

If you are a tech guy whose job is to stay online and work remotely, I bet this device is reliable more than any landline broadband. Uplink connection is as impressive as the downlink. Mostly the upload speed was experienced to be nearer to the download speed, which is not normally a case with landline broadbands. However you have to take care of your consumption because, unfortunately, there is no unlimited bundle on these 4G WiFi devices. That’s the case with other mobile networks as well.

WiFi Strength

WiFi strength in mobile broadband device is as important thing as the network connection. If you don’t get good WiFi signal strength on your client device, you won’t have the true internet performance your device is having. And WiFi strength also depends on various factors, the major one is clear distance and walled or other wireless interruptions. So less distance or less interruptions mean better connection.

Jazz Super 4G WiFi Signal Strength

Second comes the equipment used in the making of the device – the hardware, the chipset. Most of these device use not so premium hardware. So they are not usually as good as a high-end or a mid-range smartphone would do as Hotspot. You can count it as a disadvantage of such a device over a smartphone. But considering the similar functioning device from different vendors would be good comparison. And that’s where I feel all the current devices range from mobile networks are pretty much similar. What differs them the most is their data services and its performance which I have already been impressed with Jazz Super 4G WiFi.

Battery Performance

2300 mAh battery is also something to appreciate as it gives a nice up-time. It can get charged from 0 to 100% in up to 3 hours with the bundled 1A charger and can provide up to 7 hours of connectivity with moderate use.

Device Settings and Management

Jazz Super 4G WiFi device gives access to the web console for managing settings and configuration of the device. You can access the console from your browser by going to the URL jazz.wifi, provided you connected to the device.

Jazz Super 4G WiFi Management

Jazz has also provided an app for the same purpose – Jazz WiFi, on Google Play for Android smartphones and on Apple App Store for iOS devices.

Both of the ways have full access to the console that you can change anything as it suits your local network. I couldn’t find a way to access the device’s SD card directly via PC, however you can access the memory card through the web console and upload/download staff easily. The Jazz WiFi app gives an additional feature that you can use your phone’s camera to take photos and directly upload to the microSD card in the device.

Conclusion and Verdict

One thing that I believe mobile networks should take care of is the chip inside the device. They are not really up to the level of smartphones. Using better chipsets with better modems and WiFi components, both the network and client connections would work better with even better strength.

As all the current range of such devices are based on similar chipsets, I am impressed with this Jazz Super 4G WiFi device paired with Jazz 4G internet performance. I didn’t find any trouble with this device whether it is connection or serving speed. Battery on the other hand has enough for long run before you can get to charge again.

Jazz Super 4G WiFi WPS

If you are really wondering about to get a data SIM, I’d recommend you buy Jazz Super 4G WiFi device. Because using it on your smartphone is not really a good idea as it will drain your phone’s battery way sooner than you believe.

Why Jazz Super 4G WiFi? Well, it currently has got the maximum powered battery than Telenor’s or Zong’s counterparts. Second, the data packages are more cheaper than others.

If you are an unlimited broadband addict, it’s not for you.

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