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iPhone XS Max Best Display

If you are a Samsung fan and have been proud of its displays while enjoying the Galaxy Note 9 to have the best display, you must know that the top spot has been taken by Apple’s iPhone XS Max.

It’s only a month ago when the DisplayMate reported about Galaxy Note 9 to have a top-notch display. Usually they test the the new devices right after their releases, so did they with the latest iPhone XS Max. Very unfortunate for Samsung fans, though it’s an exciting moment for Apple fans, DisplayMate has concluded that iPhone XS Max takes the lead here.

Unlike DxOMark’s camera ranking, DisplayMate only provides its lab test data online so you can also judge it yourself. It, however, does mention how did a device performed over other devices. For more extent, they tell if the device in subject sets new records or matches the previous ones.

iPhone XS Max, according to report, has marked improvement over Apple’s initial OLED smartphones. Considerable points are that its display has the highest absolute color accuracy, highest full-screen brightness, lowest screen reflectance and smallest brightness variations with viewing angle.

The smartphone marks the score of 0.8 JNCD (Just Noticeable Color Differences) in color accuracy, which the DisplayMate grades as “Visually Indistinguishable From Perfect”. The smartphone also gets lowest screen reflectance score at 4.7%.

DisplayMates measured the peak brightness of 660 nits, however, it boasted on the homescreen brightening up the display at 725 nits. Highest contrast ratio combined with lowest screen reflectance and highest brightness sure will provide the highest visibility under direct sunlight.

The folks at DisplayMates have mostly brought OLED displays on the top shelves as they are indeed excellent in performance over any other display currently available on smartphones.

If you are just thinking about how has it done better than the Galaxy Note 9. Then there are the numbers DisplayMate always provides like the ones above. A month ago, Samsung’s latest flagship only achieved 0.5 JNCD color accuracy. Brightness variation which is 25% at 30 degrees viewing angle while the Note 9 had 27%. Peak brightness is also better on the iPhone XS Max, achieving 725 nits on the home screen. However Galaxy Note 9 also went up to 1050 nits under very high ambient light only when set to auto-brightness.

Lastly the most important thing, are you really going serious about that? you really should not. This difference really doesn’t matter at all. But if you are too concerned, I guess you may want to read the detailed report at the source link below.

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