Salam Planet – A Marketplace and Social Network for Muslims

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Salam Planet

If you are so active on social media, and you didn’t know about the existence of an app called “Salam Planet”, then you probably have missed something.

The moment you install Salam Planet (find the download link after the break), you will be offered a variety of interactive sections such as Trending user posts, Reviews, Media, Public figures, Shopping, Travel, Sports, Food and Entertainment.

It allows you to create, comment, share posts, pictures, and links with your family and friends. In a nutshell, the app intends to provide a similar experience as other global apps but in a more personalized way.

The team behind the app has formally released a press release for better broadcast to make aware the online community.

Press Release:

Social networking Apps have become an integral part of our life. These apps and services have acquired a big chunk of our everyday life. The one thing that is common in all these apps is the fact that they are segmented facilitating thousands of groups at a single platform where some rules are fair while others, sadly, unfair and we have to accept the terms and conditions that come along.

Apart from the well-known global apps, there are community based platforms sharing similar interests, religious beliefs, and motifs such as the Indian “ShareChat” and the Chinese “WeChat”. Considering the precedent set by these countries, it was high time that we needed a place that is more of a one-stop shop for Muslims ranging from Quranic teachings to halal restaurant reviews and lifestyle to having a direct connection with people of a similar mindset.

“Salam Planet” App has been designed to deal with any queries concerning the Muslim way of life such as routines, food, shopping, discussions and much more. It is not just an App but a complete social setting. The important factor to consider is that the nature of the App is not internal; in fact, it’s a lifestyle and market place App for all the people around the world regardless they are Muslim or not. The reason for “Salam Planet” is to provide people with a voice where they can share their opinions without having a fear of getting marginalized or bashed for their view. If you look from a wider perspective, such platforms can help bring some notable changes by gathering people with like-minded views and similar social and cultural aspects.

Omair Khan, CEO Salam Planet, said while discussing the unique features of the app.

“There is a growing demand from Muslim audiences to find one place for all their needs, from a variety of food to fashion, events information to entertainment options, etc. In a bid to help the end-user have an easy journey through the App, we’ve made it user-friendly and have sectioned areas for quick use, such as food & drink, fashion & shopping vs. spirituality, and events, to name a few”.

Download Salam Planet


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