Netflix has scrapped 1-month free trial offer in several regions including Pakistan

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If you never had a 30-day free trial with Netflix, you won’t get a chance anymore!

Netflix, until the end of last year, has offered new customers a month of free streaming service whatever the plan they choose before they get charged in real. The customers would even get a reminder before the trial period ended giving a healthy chance if they want to cancel the subscription before they start paying.

But now, this offer has been ended in most countries including Pakistan. According to the Netflix website, the free trial seems to be limited to the U.S. The offer has been taken off for all other regions (as far as I looked up for).

According to reports, Netflix ended the offer in early December 2019 for most countries including the United Kingdom and India. However, Pakistan may not have been affected at that time as one of our colleagues started a free trial right at the end of December 2019. Netflix has reportedly disclosed that it was considering different marketing promotions in the UK to attract new customers. However, it never mentioned what kind of promotions they will be.

The 30-day free trial from Netflix has always been well taken by the public. Users would only need a credit/debit card on file to avail the free first month. They would even take the free trial offer more than once if they cancel and signup again with a new credit card; it’s a truth. In fact, the service would offer a free trial to some customers repeatedly after a few months of having a cancelled subscription; I myself has been that lucky once when I received a promotional email from Netflix.

Netflix Free Trial Pakistan

Well, all that is no more. If you never had a chance to try Netflix before, you won’t get a chance to get a free first month, unless the streaming service provider has something up its sleeves to offer in days to come.

Update – February 24, 2020: In India, after having disabled the free 30-day trial for around two months, the streaming service provider has rolled out a new trial offer that would cost new customers only INR 5 for the first month. This will offer the customers in India the same features as would the earlier free trial offer do. New customers will have the same options to choose a plan during the sign-up process. Once the free trial ends, they will be charged according to their chosen plan.

This might be a thing that the company had earlier disclosed in the UK that it would consider different marketing promotions. However, there are no words about other regions if the service provider has any plans to restart the trials in other forms.

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