Signal adds more features for users coming from WhatsApp

Signal Feature

It’s just a couple of weeks ago when only a few would know there were more alternatives than only WhatsApp. In less than a month, those alternatives got huge attention only due to the WhatsApp privacy policy issues. The Signal app turned out to be the major alternative along with the Telegram. Though it was less consumer-ready compared to the feature-rich Telegram, the major factor of its adoption was being an open-source application. Well, the end-to-end encryption as well.

But to facilitate its huge base of new users, Signal Foundation has woken up from its bed and taken a seat to add more features in its messaging application. Like any other smartphone app, like WhatsApp itself, Signal has its beta version on stores too. The upcoming features have been spotted in Signal beta version.

Here is the list of features that are just ready to reach you on the Signal app. Some of them should have already reached.

Media Auto-Download (v5.2.3): Signal has added the feature to allow you to set it to automatically download media over mobile data or Wi-Fi. Just like WhatsApp, you should already be able to use this feature on your Signal app.

Less Data for Calls (v5.2.3): A nice feature that was already present in WhatsApp, to use low data in calls, is now available in Signal.

Group Calls Limit Increased: Maximum of 5 participants were allowed to join in a group call. The latest version now allows 8 members like in WhatsApp.

Chat Wallpaper (beta v5.3.4): Signal will soon allow you to set custom wallpapers just like how you used to do in WhatsApp. In fact, it’s pretty much similar inexperience. It allows you to reset wallpaper, solid colour or custom image as wallpaper, per chat wallpaper etc.

About Description (beta v5.3.4): Currently, the Signal app only allows you to set your first and last name on your profile name. Your number is also present along. In the coming update, the “about” description has also been added with a predefined set of tags or phrases.

Animated Stickers (beta v5.3.4): The signal app previously supported still photo stickers. Bundled with two packs and two more to download. With the beta version of the apps, a new animated sticker pack “Day by Day” has been added.

WhatsApp Features Still Missing from Signal

There is still plenty of features missing in Signal app, that you were used to in WhatsApp. Like status update, starring messages, share my contact via QR code, WhatsApp payment, live location, current status, cloud backup. browser version.

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