Starlink stops taking pre-orders in Pakistan until regulatory approval

In this conceptual view, each Starlink satellite unfurls a single solar panel. SpaceX

Starlink, the satellite internet subsidiary of Elon Musk’s SpaceX company, has stopped taking pre-orders in Pakistan only a day after the country’s regulator told the company to do so as it has not been granted any license for the provision of internet services in the country.

PTA, the country’s telecom regulator, yesterday announced in a news release that Starlink has not obtained any license to operate or provide internet services in Pakistan. Neither the company has applied for any license to sell their services in the country.

The regulatory authority hence advised the general public in Pakistan to refrain from pre-booking the services through Starlink. The authority had also taken the matter with the satellite internet company to stop taking pre-orders from the customers in Pakistan.

Only hours after the announcement, it’s now appeared that the Starlink website has stopped taking the pre-orders from the users in Pakistan. Instead, the company will now prompt the users in the country that the services are “not available in your area due to pending regulatory approval.”

Starlink stops taking pre-orders in Pakistan

“As we receive approvals our coverage area will continue to expand, so please check back for future availability in your area,” the message reads in addition.

There is no news on how and when the customers in Pakistan, who have already paid in advance and pre-booked, will get a refund. Like in India, the customers in Pakistan may receive emails communicating to them about the refund process.

It’s worth noting here that the company, unlike in India, has not officially stated if it has any plans of obtaining or applying for the license in Pakistan. There was also no regional subsidiary in Pakistan, unlike it formed in India before the neighboring country halted its bookings. However, the company has still not applied for any license in India, contrary to the reports of it having plans to apply by the end of January 2022.

If you are from Pakistan and you had pre-ordered for the Starlink internet services, let us know in the comments below. Also, share if and when you get any relevant email from the company explaining the refunds. Do tag us on your social platforms with @techprolonged on Facebook and Twitter.

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