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Sponsored Content at Tech Prolonged

Tech Prolonged provides access to third parties to publish their content to interact with our readers in a well mannered way than a traditional advertisement. This document should help producing a good sponsored content that complies with our standards and policies. It will also make it clear how the editorial content is different from the sponsored content.

While providing an interface to advertisers, we make sure to maintain the integrity of content at Tech Prolonged as well as prefer our readers’ trust with fully managed review process of the content which is being sponsored.

To stay updated with global online media trends and policies, these guidelines are bound to be changed from time to time through constant learning process, reports, corrections and most importantly through our readers’ feedback and comments.

Sponsored Content

The content that is created, produced, authored or requested by advertisers to promote their products and/or services which are published on Tech Prolonged after passing the review, is the sponsored content.

Such content will be produced by the advertiser (or rarely by Tech Prolonged depending on the nature of the context of the content to make sure which is better for our readers’ trust on us.) It will go through a proper review process by the editors at Tech Prolonged to make sure it complies with the standards and the guidelines provided.


Advertising or Sponsored content will easily be distinguished from other editorial content with a clearly labeled “Sponsored” tag at the beginning of the content. In addition, a disclaimer will be added at end of the content with a link to this document where readers can understand what they are actually reading.

In addition, where needed, more references can be added into the content to explicitly inform the reader about a statement or a set of statements that they are reading a sponsored content. That’s only to make sure the readers’ trust on Tech Prolonged’s editorial content is not compromised for anything.

Responsibility and Liability

Whatsoever, advertisers will be sole responsible for their content to ensure as it’s complied with applicable laws and regulations as well as the guidelines. If the content brings harm or impact on reputation or any form of damage it causes to Tech Prolonged, it will be instantly removed with or without notifying the advertiser.

Tech Prolonged (techprolonged.com) will not be liable for sponsored content but will ensure that if sponsored content is found (prior or later to the publishing) to contain false, unlawful, or harmful content, it will be refused or removed (in whole or in part), and the advertiser will be held accountable for it.

If the sponsored content is found to be inconsistent with Tech Prolonged’s policies and standard, Tech Prolonged has the right to refuse, remove or alter any sponsored content at any time with or without prior notice to the advertiser.

Sponsored Content Elements

  • “Sponsored” tag at the beginning or at the end of the content.
  • A disclaimer at the end of the content.
  • Maximum of 1 hyperlink is allowed in the article that may redirect the reader to the advertiser’s webpage located externally.

For more information on publishing sponsored content at Tech Prolonged, contact us.

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