New features in Google Top Navigation after signing up with Google+


So the latest talk now a days is all about Google+ (pronounced as Google Plus). After the soft launch, many people around the globe have made to get into new type of social networking and later providing the invites to their friends.

Anyways this article is about the new features of Google which have been added in the top navigation bar after signing up with Google+. However Google had already renewed the top navigation on (not on country specific domains like

Just checkout the following versions of Top Navigation Bar available on almost all of the Google services and applications.

Older one (But still available on country specific Google domains)

Current Navigation on and on other Google services

Top Navigation with new features after Google+

What’s new

Google+ functions all the way along where ever you go within the Google services or applications. These include following

  • A simple shortcut to Google+ interface
    Just like other shortcuts of Google services e.g Web, Images, Gmail etc.
  • Extended Account Options
    Now includes options for Google+
  • Notifications
    The major feature which will notify you about your Google+ account changes. It may include notifications like new friends or people adding you in their circles, or people commenting on your Google+ posts
  • Share Box
    Another major feature is the share box button which will always be with you while exploring Google services. Clicking the box will just pop up a small layer with a text area and buttons along with other sharing options. Whether you are currently exploring Google Maps, Reading Emails, or even composing an email. You can just click this share box at top to write a new Google+ post without interrupting any thing you were doing.


Checkout the following screen shots to get familiar. It’s really quick and it’s fully integrated. Let’s see how does it perform in future.

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