Dropbox mobile website revamped for iPhone, Android and WP7 – also works on Symbian


Dropbox just announced about the new revamped Dropbox mobile website for browsers in iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7. Just for our curiosity we check the website on Symbian Belle’s browser v7.4. Dropbox mobile website works the same way as it worked on iPhone’s Safari browser. In fact when tested downloading a ZIP file, Safari blocked it while it worked cool on Symbian Browser.

The new Dropbox mobile interface worked same on both the browsers in Symbian Anna and Symbian Belle [leaked] as it worked on an iPhone. However the earlier versions of Symbian^3 before Symbian Anna aren’t supported.

It’s strange -or may be decreasing value of Symbian?- that Dropbox didn’t mention about its compatibility with new Symbian Browsers. Also if there were some things that were not compatible with Symbian, they could have been listed – though I didn’t find any thing during my tests.

Today, we’re upgrading the mobile website experience for a bunch of devices, including iPhone, Android (2.1+), and Windows Phone 7 , so you can always have your Dropbox on the go.

We’ve made the mobile web interface closely resemble what you might find natively on iPhone and Android. This includes borrowing the quickactions behavior from an upcoming update to our Android app (coming soon!), more screen space reserved for your files, and a home screen that lets you hop around the app quickly. Much of what you see here was due to jquerymobile’s style sheet.

Screen Shots from and iPhone as posted by Dropbox


Screen Shots from Nokia N8 running Symbian Belle


  • Search: Finally, you can search your Dropbox for that e-book that was such a pain to browse to!
  • File quick actions: Whether you are browsing or searching for files, now in addition to downloading a file, there is also a quick action menu dropdown that gives you access to additional things you can do to your files. For now, that means sharing and deleting.
  • Share: We’ll generate a link that helps you quickly share a file or folder with your friends. Simply copy a link to your device clipboard or email the link on.
  • Delete: Got a few minutes to spare? Try out our new delete functionality and clean up your Dropbox.
  • Account settings: For easy access to your basic account settings, go to the new account settings tab.
  • Internationalization: We now offer our mobile site in 5 different languages: English, Spanish, French, German, and Japanese!
Jon Ying from Dropbox team also mentioned that the support for more devices will be added later on.
In the future, we’ll be adding support for more devices, easier ways to share, referrals, and more actions for your files and folders. Stay tuned!
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