Windows Phones: Nokia Sabre, Samsung Yukon and Wembley, revealed by Microsoft Canada


Microsoft Canada accidentally or by whatever means, reveals the code names of unknown Windows Phone, Samsung Yukon, Samsung Wembley and earlier rumoured Nokia Sabre along with well-known Nokia Searay.

Full terms and conditions after the break —

[Above pictures are just the illustration and supposition of Nokia’s Windows phones and they are not original]

WPCentral once already has broken the news about Nokia Sabre but this time it’s directly from Microsoft Canada’s Terms and Conditions page.

WPCentral is right about the fact that only the Searay is the familiar one. The Samsung Yukon and Samsung Wembley are also unknown devices, presumably variants of the Omnia W and Focus S. The Sabre however, is new and evidently different than the Searay

Following are the terms and conditions revealing the said Windows Phones.

UPDATE: Microsoft has now updated the Terms and Conditions page and removed the device names




[source Microsoft Canada, via WPCentral]

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