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Nokia Lumia 800 seems to receive software update for Camera – Sure, it needs one.

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Nokia Lumia 800 Camera really needs a software update

Recently released software update build 1600.2483.8106.11500 for Nokia Lumia 800 started rolling-out last week was to address battery fix and a few more bug fixes but later responses from users started popping out concerning about the worst battery information was experienced after the update. This was being discussed at community forums and appeared a quick solution to it that this was not a problem actually which needed a “Reset of Device” after the update to see the correct battery information.

Well that wasn’t a point to discuss because, ignoring the information, battery actually was performing better and resetting the device only fixed the on-screen information. But that all discussion happened to bring a community manager in, who responsibly reacted over the discussion and explained the situation while adding more about the future updates for Lumia 800 regarding “audio and camera settings”.

This is what spotted to be an interesting note for me as I’ve had some fight with the Lumia 800’s camera shots adjustments prior to knowing that it actually has a problem with other users too. Not talking more about it as there is a full review yet to come but this is something related to the white balance that some how is not intelligently controlled by Lumia 800’s camera which is supposed to be an issue with the software and is not related to the hardware. So this piece of information, about a future update for Lumia 800 that will cover the camera issues, is really an interesting one.

But moreover if look closely the community manager specifically mentioned that the update will be “in regard to the camera settings” not mentioning of any issue to be resolve. This also tells me that it just could be a modification in user interface of camera settings? which will not actually fix the issues with it? I am not sure about it but it may be one that will fix the camera issues with Lumia 800.


[source Nokia Discussions]

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