Viber to fix Android screen unlock exploit – provides a quick workaround for now


Viber has issued a statement about the recent flaw found in the Android version of voice calling and messaging app that they are working on a fix for the issue that lets your Android device unlock when a message is received. While for the meantime a quick workaround has been suggested by the developer of the app. If you are really bothered due to the issue, you need to go in the Viber app and uncheck the option “Unlock for Popups” by going through “More” > “Settings”.

A day earlier the Viber exploit was discovered by the Android community and was went viral until the Viber actively responded to the issue. The issue was not that much dangerous as someone needed to have the physical access to your Android phone (Viber installed and configured) to be able to have unauthorised access under the hood.

One needs to be a Viber user on his/her smartphone and must have knowledge of your phone number on which your Viber has been configured with. He then just needs to pick up your Android smartphone with a locked screen and send a message to your number from Viber on his own smartphone. That’s how the Viber will unlock your screen for interaction and responses.

source: Viber

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