Burka Avenger – Pakistani Super Hero TV Series Launching Soon on TV and a Game on iPhone


A Pakistani version of superhero has been set to arrive in august on Television screens. Burka Avenger, is the new animated/cartoon TV series in Urdu language set to go on-air in August on. Burka Avenger is a gentle teacher with secret skills of martial arts who uses a black burka (full covering clothing) to hide her identity while fighting local thugs/villains who want to stop girls to get education and shut down the schools for them.

Burka Avenger is the concept of Pakistani pop star Haroon Rasheed in an attempt to emphasize the importance of girls education. The Two of the factors of this upcoming TV series which can really appeal audience are the director Bilal Lashari and the script-write Arsalan Naseer. Bilal Lashari is the director of Waar movie (yet to release), the most anticipated Pakistani action/thriller. You can checkout the Waar movie trailer on youtube. Whereas Arsalan Naseer is the person behind Comics by Arsalan one of the most popular young comics writer with 200k+ fans on facebook. Well I personally think it would a good series for kids in Pakistan.

burka-avenger-1 burka-avenger-2 burka-avenger-3 burka-avenger-4

An iPhone game for Burka Avenger is also set to be released for which you are being offered to get notified as soon as the game goes live on App Store. Visit here to provide your email address and get notified. After watching the trailer visuals/graphics/animation I can tell the iPhone game will be

Coverage by Bloomberg [Video]


For Burka Avenger website, trailer and iPhone game and gallery photos, visit http://www.burkaavenger.com/

Via Comics by Arsalan
source [pictures credits] Burka Avenger

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