Camera Grip & Wireless Charging Cover for Nokia Lumia 1020 – Improve the Camera Looks & Battery Life


With the launch of the new camera phone (or phone camera to be true) Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia also introduced a camera grip for a better looking camera in hand. Which snaps on to the Nokia Lumia 1020 easily and gives a real point and shoot camera look to the smartphone.

The camera grip additionally comes with the built-in Li-Ion battery of capacity 1020mAh. Battery is not removable and will support recharging via micro USB port. A universal tripod mount of 1/4 inch – 20 UNC is also provided.

LED indicator for power and 2-stage camera key is provided.

Camera grip (PD-95G) will be available in North America for around $80 with Nokia Lumia 920 this month. Color choices will be Yellow, Black and White.

Another accessory for Nokia Lumia 1020 is the wireless charging cover (CC-3066). As Lumia 1020 will not have built-in support for wireless charging like what is built-in to the Lumia 920 and Lumia 925, Nokia will sell a snap-on back cover for Lumia 1020 that will connect to the terminals already provided on the back of Lumia 1020 and will feature it to charge wirelessly.

It’s an extra protection to the device as well as a wireless charging feature.

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