Nokia “Bandit” – Codename for 6-inch Nokia Phablet and Other Detail


Previously leaked images of a Nokia Phablet are wearing more stories. This one comes from The Verge. The big screen Windows Phone having 6-inch display size with 1080p resolution is codenamed “Bandit”. Other information about this Nokia Phablet include Quad-core processor and a PureView camera with a bigger sensor.

Following leaked images of display glass sourced from ICTech were previously found around the web showing a screen glass for bigger Nokia phone.

In other leaks, the adduplex reveals the relevant information from their data, Windows Phone device with 1080p display resolution, which is as similar to the above. In addition the device references were noted as RM-937, RM-940 and RM-927. Where RM-937 is supposed to be the global variant of the Nokia Phablet in discussion and RM-927 and Rm-940 are the US variants as were noted to be running on Verizon network and AT&T in order

The words from adduplex:

  • Nokia RM-937 – now this is something interesting. It has a ScaleFactor of 150. Why is it interesting? All higher end Nokia phones so far had WXGA screens (ScaleFactor of 160) and Samsung and HTC used 720p screens (SF 150). So it means that either this is a 720p phone from Nokia which is unlikely, or this same scale factor would probably make sense on a 1080p device with bigger screen. So my guess is that this is an upcoming Nokia phablet. It’s running WP version 8.0.10492.
  • Nokia RM-927 – same as RM-937 but running on the Verizon network.
  • Nokia RM-940 – again ScaleFactor of 150, but running on AT&T.

source: the verge, adduplex

top image: illustration only

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