Nokia Lumia 625 Unboxing and First Impressions in Pakistan


As Nokia Lumia 625 and Lumia 925 has been announced in Pakistan recently, we promised to bring you the reviews of both devices as we have done it before. Well! here we are with the first spoon of Nokia Lumia 625 unboxing and initial impressions while the detailed review is just following back.

Nokia Lumia 625 comes in the Lumia 6xx line up with the extended screen size which is not yet available in any other Windows Phone from Nokia. Lumia 620 and Lumia 625 may be referred as low-cost feature pack Lumia Windows Phones to give the market a humble set of features from mid range devices. Sure, that makes them a little more costly than the Lumia 5xx series.

The huge screen of Lumia 625 makes it a leap in the same class of Lumia range where it provides a 3.8 inch Lumia 620 and 4.7 inch Lumia 625. There you really get a choice to choose from. Without delaying any further we should go on and open the box to see what we get in the package with the massive screen of Lumia 625.

Nokia Lumia 625 came in the same blue box with Nokia standard packaging inside and outside. Phone model embossed while the full color range available of Lumia 625 is disclosed on the box outside covering some part of the two sides of box.

Opening the box is also same as usual with Nokia phone packaging. A drawer is taken out with a grip left outside for easiness as can be seen in above left image. The inner box with no roof provides the bed for the phone itself to rest on it and the related user manual and accessories stays down inside.

Take out the device and the bed panel under it to reveal the user guide/manual residing below.

The cover panel down below is completely attached with the blue box which you need to pick up from one side and turn over to reveal the accessories box containing all of them in a full room. I have actually picked it up and turned it over so you could just see the things in it and not the cover itself.

The accessories prove the fact they really come with a low-cost phone as you can see a travel charger dedicated for charging with a normal sized cable having micro-USB connector at one end. While a really small data cable is provided in addition. I really don’t like this cable for being very small when connected to computer or laptop giving very small space to the phone attached to it. However it does charge the connected phone as usual.

The first impression of the device when I hold it in hands was quite good. For not being a fan of huge screens on the phones, I actually stay away of them but 4.7 inch is not very much larger than 4.5 inch Lumia 920 or Lumia 925 I’ve loved to use. So if I try and compromise with such a device then it’s not impossible either if the device actually is a good fit in hands with sure good grip while handling and operating on it.

Nokia Lumia 625 is available in soft bright colors including “orange”, “green”, “yellow”, “black” and “white”. Frankly I am also not keen on such bright colors like yellow, blue, red, orange when it’s about a smartphone to choose from. I prefer simply the black, gray or white to have for my own self. But the colors Nokia make on their smartphones/mobile phones, I never could dislike them, they are not awkward to the eyes. Rather they are crafted so beautifully to not let you avoid it. This credit I always gave to the Finnish phone makers. I’ll recommend these bright colors for the ladies.

The first thing Lumia 625 surprised me with was the boot logo of “djuice” which appeared just after the Windows Phone splash screen on startup. We knew the Nokia Lumia 625 was launched in collaboration with Telenor Pakistan giving their customers a free 2 months internet offer on the purchase of the Lumia 625. But that was just as usual as other mobile networks collaborate with the phone manufacturers to launch in Pakistan, they just launch with a few network offers. The boot logo was very first to surprise us in this case.

We’ve told earlier the official price of Nokia Lumia 625 is 30,000/- which actually lies in between the mid-range and low-cost Lumia devices. That price you will pay for a device with screen as huge as 4.7 inch is better in comparison of Lumia 620. There is a few other differences that you get more in Lumia 625 than the Lumia 620 for around Rs. 5,000/- extra.

If you are keen on to get larger screen Windows Phone smartphone in the low-cost range, the Lumia 625 is for you. Or you better wait to checkout our upcoming review of the smartphone to have a better and in-depth idea about it.

We appreciate your comments on the topics and, if asked, we try to bring answers to your questions about the devices we review. So put your concerns below in the comments to have them answered. We’ll be testing Lumia 625 for a few days before we write a review.

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