Nokia Normandy – Reportedly an Android phone by Nokia


Earlier leaked image of supposedly an Asha or Lumia device by @evleaks has now been reported as an Android device in making by the Finnish phone manufacturer.


Later last month @evleaks posted a profile photo of a Lumia-style device by Nokia with no standard Windows Phone 8 capacitive keys. Instead it’s having a single key like the one came in Nokia Asha 501 that made it to be said as an Asha device.

Well if you are one of those, who have ever expected an Android smartphone made by Nokia, then the above device is now being reported as an Android device from Nokia with an Amazon’s Kindle Fire like custom Android operating system with no Google Services and Apps.

The Verge has reported recently that Nokia has been in the process of making an Android device with a codename of “Normandy” which will run on a fully customized Android version just like the Android on Kindle Fire by Amazon. According to their sources Normandy supports multiple popular Android apps. Skype is one of them.

It’s also reported that the Normandy is focused to be a low-cost device, similar to its Asha lineup but, giving users an access to more comprehensive experience of smartphone apps. One of their sources described it to be a “full steam ahead”. May be if it really could see the light of a day. Nokia employees have been told that the Nokia Normandy is expected to be launched in 2014.

In discussion, it could be a real sudden move by Nokia when it’s already in the process of acquisition by Microsoft. How could Microsoft with its own Windows Phone OS participate in this move by Nokia just before the acquisition is completed. If you know Nokia have closed more than enough projects and products before and even after their completion. As this news can not be more than just a rumour but it’s real sudden fire on the move.

What do you think about about an Android powered device by Nokia. Would you buy one? even if it’s customized version of Android on it like the one on Amazon’s Kindle Fire?

Let us know in the comments below.

sources: the verge, @evleaks

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