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Review: Huawei P8 – Part 1, Unboxing and First Impressions


After attending the recent event in Lahore by Huawei for its flagship smartphone Huawei P8 and having a quick hands-on with P8 during the event, I was curious to have this flagship phone for enough period of time to do a detailed review. It’s not so late and we have it here.

There is no doubt that the device seems to be built with the Chinese manufacturer’s heart. It’s premium what we have been calling to various set of devices for their brand value. The Chinese manufacturer has shown its capability of making smartphones for quite a good years. The latest Huawei P8 focuses on photography elements along with other hardware upgrades but costs way lower than the flagship devices of its caliber from other manufacturers.

Huawei P8 is tagged with the price of Rs. 50,000/- in Pakistan with 1 year official warrant. You will have the option to choose a color from Titanium Grey, Mystic Champagne, Carbon Black and Prestige Gold. The one we have here is Titanium Grey. So let’s open the box.

Unboxing Session

The first impression is the last impression – is something that really impacts when you want to buy something. In smartphone war, the packaging also plays an important role to give the very first impressions, either bad or good. The first of a kind package containing a smartphone in it is here. Let’s say it a second as P7 also had similar fancy packaging.

huawei-p8-unboxing-pakistan-1 huawei-p8-unboxing-pakistan-3

The P8 comes with sleeved box on the outside made of a rubbery matte material. There are labels on the box and the name of the phone “P8”. Huawei drops the brand name “Ascend” and only uses the P8 as the device name.

Pulling the sleeve off the box, we get the inside box made of plastic with a blurred/transparent door on the top revealing the phone a little from the inside.

huawei-p8-unboxing-pakistan-4 huawei-p8-unboxing-pakistan-5

Just take off the door and you can see that it’s not a traditional package having the phone lying down with the face up. The Huawei P8 is slotted in sideways wrapping with a plastic holder slap around.

With the rightly positioned thumb placement to extract out the phone from the box – it’s not that it will slip out of it accidentally. It feels more secure than traditional packaging which have accidents of phone slipping out of the box while opening.


It feels like tightly rubber fixed phone inside it and only comes out when you want to take it out. We’ll check the phone later below but let’s just get down there and see what we got else inside.

Pulling off the plastic flap, there are tightly fixed containers with a free slot between them, you can see, for the phone. They are packing up the accessories.

huawei-p8-unboxing-pakistan-7 huawei-p8-unboxing-pakistan-8

On the left side there is a slim container having the user manuals and quick start guide. While on the other hand a fat box as, as printed with on it, contains a power adapter, stereo headset and a data cable. Oh well, there is a bundled SIM eject tool with the package which can be used for opening either of the two slots on the phone.

huawei-p8-unboxing-pakistan-12 huawei-p8-unboxing-pakistan-9 huawei-p8-unboxing-pakistan-10 huawei-p8-unboxing-pakistan-11


Huawei has done it fantastically. It’s not like we have seen with the boxes packed over and over inside. I mean if you go for such a device costing rupees 50,000/- This kind of first impression will sure make you love-in it specially when you compare it with those costing above rupees 70,000/-

I never score the unboxing experience but this box is really asking me to do that. If you ask too about that then I can give it full 10.

We just have a video below with a quick start and first impression of the phone. Have a look.


Key Features of Huawei P8

This flagship phone weighs 144 grams and features 5.2 inch IPS display with Full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080 protected by Gorilla Glass 3. Under the hood, there is a Kirin 930 SoC with an Octa-core CPU (Quad-core 2GHz and another Quad-core 1.5GHz). 3 GB of RAM and 16 GB Internal storage with micro SD card up to 128 GB. It runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop with the Huawei’s own EMUI 3.1 software on top of it and backed up with a 2680 mAh battery.


More importantly it comes with 13 MP Rear camera & 8 MP Front camera with exclusive features like light painting, trailing lights, silky water, start track, sparkling rain with fire etc. The rear camera is equipped with an optical image stabilizer (OIS) and dual LED (dual-Tone) flash.

The Huawei P8 is under our evaluation process and a detailed review will be published as soon as possible. You can give your concerns below in the comments section and we’ll try to bring you the answers with our review.


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