Windows 10 ‘Redstone’ build 14267 rolls out to Fast Ring – Improves Cortana, Edge, Messaging + Skype


Microsoft has rolled-out a new Windows 10 Redstone preview build 14267 to the Fast Ring Insider members. Find below all features and the known issues.

Unlike a number of recent Fast Ring Windows 10 insider preview builds, Windows 10 Build 14267, doesn’t only cover core work and fixes. The new build consists of new features and improvements for Cortana such as to search for music. Like wise, Microsoft Edge brings some UI changes and improvements to the Favorites bar.

Microsoft Edge now also provides the ability to clear browsing data when exiting the browser as well as download prompts are improved. Unpleasantly, Microsoft Edge browser still does not offer extensions support. Skype messages now include photo attachments.

There are some fixes and known issues too – read below.


Search for music easier in Cortana: We have made it easier to invoke music search in Cortana by adding a music search icon to the top right of Cortana. You can now open Cortana on your PC and click on the music search icon to have Cortana listen and search for the song that’s playing.

Favorites bar improvements in Microsoft Edge: If you have the favorites bar enabled in Microsoft Edge, you can now right-click on the favorites bar and choose to have it only show the favicons only. You can also right-click to add new folders in your favorites bar as well.

Clear browsing data when you exit Microsoft Edge: You can now choose to have your browsing data cleared when you exit Microsoft Edge. Just click on the three dots at the top right in Microsoft Edge and go into Settings, click on the “Choose what to clear” button under “Clear browser data” and enable “Always clear this after I close the browser” after choosing what data you want cleared.

Improved Download Prompts in Microsoft Edge: You can now configure Microsoft Edge to show a prompt when you start a download, allowing you to choose where to save the file. Just open the Microsoft Edge settings pane (the three dots at the top right) and look for the option under “Downloads settings”.

Messaging + Skype improvements: You can now attach photos to your Skype messages by clicking or tapping on the paperclip icon at the lower left as you’re composing a new Skype message to a contact. Additionally, you can also invoke the Camera app to take a photo to attach to your Skype message too or send along your location.

A few Fixes

  1. Choosing “Reset This PC” under Settings > Update & Security > Recovery should now work as expected.
  2. You should no longer see a WSClient.dll error dialog after logging in.
  3. The front-facing camera should be usable again on PCs with Intel RealSense cameras and you should be able to use Windows Hello again.
  4. We fixed an issue where incorrect storage capacity was provided for the system volume (the hard drive in which Windows is installed on) under Settings > System > Storage.

Known Issues

With the latest build release, Microsoft notifies that the build has one (only one) known issue relating to virtual networking adapters when using Hyper-V. The workaround has also been provided by Microsoft.

We have only one known issue for this build. If you’re using Hyper-V and upgrade to this build with more than one vswitch or have multiple virtual networking adapters (including legacy), you may lose networking connectivity after upgrade. To get network connectivity back, there are two workarounds available:

  1. Remove all the virtual network adapters connected to the vswitch, delete the vswitch and recreate it, then reconnect their virtual NIC to the new vswitch.
  2. Admin command prompt, do “netcfg -d” will wipe-out all the vswitch settings so that you can start from scratch.

If you are one of the Insider Preview members in Fast Ring, you may get this update sooner or later. Or if you are not and want to get fast preview build updates, you can configure your Windows 10 to get faster updates by going into Settings > Update & security > Advanced options and opt-in your PC to receive Insider Preview builds. You will have to move the slider rightward to join Fast Ring members.


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