COVR Photo Lens Case for iPhone – A New Stealthy way to take photos

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The easiest way to take candid shots, which really should not be!

This iPhone case is not new, but may have gained attention more recently as previously available for the iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 6/6S, it’s been released for the iPhone SE too.

This COVR Photo case offers to take photos with your iPhone from an angle which we believe is the stealthier for taking photos. With the case-on, rather than holding your phone facing the camera towards the subject, you hold the phone like you are texting someone with one hand but actually taking a picture. Even the subjects looking at you won’t even know as you shoot them.

Technically, there is a prism lens in the case that redirects the iPhone camera’s angle of view upwards so the user can hold the phone like they would hold a TV remote control – as specified by the makers.

Photojournalist from Bellevue designs first ever iPhone case that allows users to take photographs holding the phone horizontally rather than vertically

Whatever we derive the meaning or the purpose of this kind of way for taking photos – as we told above “the stealthy way”, the original purpose behind the design of this lens case is that it would allow one-handed operation of the iPhone to take photos as well as to not miss the exceptional moments that you would otherwise specially with your younger kids who never want you to shoot them as actually you want. Anyone would know how difficult it really is to snap their 2 year kid playing naughty around.

The photojournalist Thomas Hurst, inventor and founder of the COVR Photo case, explains how the design lets parents take more natural pictures of their children without them knowing it. He also claims that it is a useful for street photography and photo documentary work.

But really, should it be?

The “candid” shots are what this case will exactly be used for, and for that, you don’t actually ask people before you shoot them. Instead you shoot them before they even know it. With a digital camera, or a digital SLR it could be possible only if you are good and quick enough to take a shot of someone who didn’t know it. But in that case too, you reach them, show them the photo you took, and ask for their permission before use/share this photo (not commercially though). With a big camera in hands, there sure are the chances you get caught while photographing in streets. So it’s worth it, you face the consequences to achieve something rather than getting lost.

With a professional rig in your hands, most people would even allow you to use their shots if they like it. But with a phone, if you do the same act, you won’t be able to justify the fact that why would you take a candid (or stealthy) shot of someone at public space, unless their eyes don’t catch you shoot them.

There comes this COVR Photo Lens Case

covrphoto-iphone-case-1 covrphoto-iphone-case-2 covrphoto-iphone-case-3

It could be good enough for personal use within your premises but not in public places. Otherwise I hardly believe users will buy it for professional purposes. It will mostly be miss-used.

Anyway, there comes an app that is used with the case to improve the photo and control the contrast, brightness and manual focusing etc. It also comes with the square shooting option and the burst mode.

While The COVR Photo lens case is also available for the iPhone 5/5S and iPhone 6/6S, the case for the iPhone SE also costs $59.95. Colors are available as black, white, blue and purple. For more information visit

So what do you think?

Is it something that should be allowed in public?

Here’s how makers reveal the creation of COVR Photo Lens Case.

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