Goodbye “Nexus” – “Pixel” is the new brand name for Google Phones


The most famous brand name in Android smartphones, “Nexus” is now winded up as Google has introduced a Pixel smartphones lineup as their own branded devices in replacement.

For sure, the Nexus brand has been so attractive mainly for enthusiasts and developers to develop and experiment with Android as well as Google’s fast software updates on a clean, stock experience of AOSP. However, the new Pixel devices will also offer similar features as well as these will offer same experience and software updates by Google.

In addition to focusing on developers, with the launch of Pixel, Google seems to be interested to reach out mainstream market to attract consumers specially with its camera features. That will be the main difference of Pixel devices from the previous Nexus lineup, if happened to be true.

Looking at previous examples, Google has not advertised their Nexus lineup as much as to raise consumer awareness previously. This factor could easily be identified in coming days if Google has any plans to do that. Two of which have already been seen during their official launch, those include the partnership with a carrier like Verizon in US to offer devices with other services and a DxOMark report about Pixel’s camera.

Another aspect is the complicated Nexus naming conventions which have been dead locked right into themselves. This can been seen easily with their phones’ model names reaching out at their tablets’ counterparts. A new brand name would not necessarily be a bad option. We’ll see how Google maintains the new “Pixel” brand name.

While there could be more to this news, for now it should only be considered as a name change and nothing more. To me, “Nexus” brand has been a generic, very attractive and adaptive name for a smartphone where the “Pixel” seems to be more focused on camera elements. This move is more like how Google named there app store as “Play” Store which is still not so adaptive for its nature, I believe. We wish best of luck with Google’s “Pixel” Lineup.

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