iPhone 7 Plus Camera reportedly Malfunctioning with Temprature and Black Screen


Even though the camera on iPhone 7 Plus is one of the selling features of the Apple smartphone, it’s now being reported to have malfunctioned with a couple of users when opening the camera app.

An iPhone 7 Plus user has posted his experience on reddit – as he found it to happen with a few other users too, that his iPhone 7 was not allowing him to enter into the camera app while leaving him with a black screen sometime and the other time an error alert suggesting to let the device cool down while it’s not even slightly warm.

The reddit user teryakiwok posted with a disappointing title as “iPhone 7 Plus Cameras are dying” to report the same issue as told above. While the thread opener hasn’t had his iPhone fixed, the fellow members on the thread also reported about the similar experience with their iPhone devices which later was fixed at Apple’s Genius Bar – the technical support.

Other users have also reported to have their iPhone 7 Plus’ screen gone completely black and some had it turned blue, purple or green. A quick search on Google also revealed that the similar issues have been reported online since early in October which denies the possibility of iOS 10.2 breaking it.

If I remind myself, I had my iPad’s front-facing camera gone black which turned out to have a loosen connection of the camera module to the board which was fixed easily by fixing it back in. If the software upgrades or factory reset won’t help, it’s mostly the hardware fault one should be looking for and the authorised care centers are the best places to take the device to.

The issue in subject has also been reported to have fixed at Apple store by either replacing the device in full or by replacing the camera module as reported by the users. So if you got trouble with your iPhone 7’s or iPhone 7 Plus’ camera, you can just head over to the authorised Apple service provider near you in time without making it even worse.

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