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Android co-founder to build “Essential” a new Company and a Modular Smartphone

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According to reports, Andy Rubin – the co-founder Android, has created a new startup called “Essential” where he’s working on new smartphone as well as the smart home gear.

A little intro to the man is not that long but he co-founded Android Inc and sold it to Google in 2005 while staying in-charge with Google to head the product until 2013. He left Google in 2014 and initiated a tech startup called Playground Global which has raised $300 million.

Now as the new report suggests, Essential is the new company he’s running in addition, which is working on a set of consumer hardware gear for smartphones and smart homes.

Report also reveals that Rubin registered Essential Products Inc in November 2015 and later with U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in 2016. The company has about a 40-person team of employees recruited from Apple and Google. Rubin is soon to announce about its company as a CEO.

Bloomberg also reveals some of the key elements about the products, Essential will be delivering as Rubin was found discussing about the smartphone with mobile carrier executives present at the CES 2017.

A major high-end smartphone that will feature a large edge-to-edge bezel-less screen with the modular form of hardware components. The company is developing a proprietary connector that “serves double duty for charging the battery and expanding the phone’s functionality over time.” It will also be able to work with third party modules, however the company is also working on a 360-degree camera module for the phone.

A prototype of the phone has a large screen than 5.5″ but because of bezel-less form the overall size of the phone is smaller, as disclosed by one of the people to Bloomberg. The report suggests that the phone will have metal frame with a ceramic back while on the front the phone will have pressure sensitive display – more like 3D touch of Apple.

The alleged phone is reported to be released in the middle of the year and will have a higher price tag as comparable with Apple’s iPhone and the manufacturer is reported be Foxconn.

This report has more than just a rumor, so you can expect whatever you want but do tell us what do you think about it in the comments below.

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