Instagram to launch multi-photo upload in next version


Instagram is reportedly working on multi-photo upload feature which has not been the part of the photo sharing application since its inception. The photos, after publishing, will be appeared as albums on Instagram users timelines.

The feature was first identified by Philip Chang who reported on twitter with a couple of screenshots along. As he believed, Instagram could be testing the feature before it’s publicly available. The reported version of the Instagram was 10.7.0. In a later tweet, Philip told that the feature stopped working as well as the app started crashing. He, however, didn’t shared that if the feature was still present after restarting the app or it was taken away.

The report was then followed up by droidlife where the folks tried to write down the flow as how the app would work from selecting the multiple pictures at once until sharing them in an album. Users would be able to select up to 10 photos from their galleries, apply filters individually on each of the selected photos, and just upload them. The photos uploaded at once will be published in an album where the followers can be able to navigate through the photos.

Instagram Multi-Photo Selection Screen – by @m4au312

While Instagram also has its beta program in place like many other popular applications, where the app receives the updated features earlier than they are available in public releases. However the said feature is still not available in the latest beta version which indeed is 10.7.0.

We believe, Instagram rolled out the feature to a select number of users – the lucky ones like Philip. After having tried the beta version, I can tell that it’s not available to all beta testers. We’ll update you once the feature is widely available.

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